Yoda's latest defeat exposes his lightsaber's dark history

Yoda's legacy in Star Wars lore is filled with failures, but one of his failures stands out above the rest as it reveals the dark history of his lightsaber.

During his career in the Star Wars canon, Yoda suffered multiple failures, even after becoming a high-ranking Jedi Master, but his most recent failure was different in that it revealed the dark history of his lightsaber.

Lightsabers have always had deep significance in Star Wars lore. The first lightsaber appeared in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, when Obi-Wan Kenobi introduced the lightsaber to Luke Skywalker, explaining that it was more than just a A weapon, but an extension of the Jedi who wields it. Looking further into lightsabers, one finds that even the colors of the lightsabers are unique to the Jedi and are based entirely on the Kyber crystal each Jedi chooses when forging the lightsaber - a process that arguably converts the Jedi light The sword unites the Jedi with their souls.

In Star Wars: Yoda Issue 2 by Cavan Scott and Nico Leon, Yoda settles on a planet called Turrak to protect a peaceful species called the Scalvi from the warring forces of the Crulkon . While Yoda is not afraid to use violence to protect Scalvi, he is spending more time and energy trying Teaching them how to fend for themselves, his goal is to bring peace to this world, for Scalvi and Crulkon. In this installment, however, Yoda is captured by the Crulkon, and a team of Scalvi travel across enemy territory to rescue him. While it was revealed that Yoda wanted to be captured in order to become closer to the Crulkon and save their children from an abusive system, his plans were interrupted when his Scalvi allies arrived. After the Crulkon realized that the Scalvi were trying to free their prisoner, Bree, one of the Scalvi, took Yoda's lightsaber and quickly pierced the lead Crulkon's chest. In short, Yoda's lightsaber was used in a rage murder while Yoda was on a peaceful mission.

Yoda Proved To Be A Failure In More Ways Than One

Not only is Yoda's lightsaber - an extension of himself and the Jedi philosophy - used to kill someone out of rage, but it is used by Yoda's own "apprentice". Bree is the Scalvi who first contacted the Jedi Order for help by turning scrap technology that had been abandoned on his planet into a communication device. Not only that, but also Bree is Yoda's first friend on this planet, and since Yoda is going to be on this planet for a long time, he's genuinely excited. Additionally, Bree is in charge of the community, helping to bring the Scalvi (essentially a primitive race) into the age of technology and enlightenment. Yoda remained in this world, and he took Bree under his wing because Bree was the key to the Scalvi's self-reliance - which in turn was the planet's best hope for peace. But in a fit of blind rage and a stolen lightsaber, Bree undermines Yoda's teachings and desecrates his sacred weapon - Bree has failed his master, and his master has failed him. he.

Wrath killing is a path only taken by those who follow the dark side, so it's very important that a Jedi's lightsaber knows what a rage kill is, even if the Jedi himself did not commit the murder. In the Star Wars universe, lightsabers are perfect for their Jedi, connecting them on a spiritual level through the Force, so since Yoda failed to teach his apprentice peace and restraint, his lightsaber was turned into a Nothing more than a weapon used to kill.

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