X-Men's Darkest Age Proves Magneto's Dream Is A Nightmare

Magneto has held on to his dream of being a mutant since he first appeared, but Apocalypse showed him that dream was actually an absolute nightmare.

Since his debut in the Marvel Comics, Magneto has held on to a dream he felt was worth fighting for, and even dying for -- but as the X-Men's Darkest Ages proved, that dream is an absolute nightmare.

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr aka Magneto was a mutant with the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and control metal. As a boy, Erik suffered from the atrocities committed by the Nazis at Auschwitz during World War II - an unrivaled trauma that reshaped his worldview. Eric begins to believe that the same thing he went through will happen again, only this time, it will happen to mutants. As such, Magneto deliberately weakened humanity as an initial strike, giving the mutants an edge in what he was sure was the coming war. Magneto's dream is mutant supremacy, because he believes wholeheartedly that the alternative is to wipe out mutants.

In Howard Mackie and Terry Dodson's X-Men Chronicles #1, readers are shown how Apocalypse took over the world within the newly formed Age of Apocalypse timeline. In the days before En Sabah Nur's final blow to humanity, Magneto saw signs of world unrest and realized it was the work of Apocalypse, as the villain The groundwork is being laid for his hostile takeover. When Magneto speaks through the comic's narration box, he expresses the fear and dread of the idea that powerful mutants are usurping humanity's control of the world and taking over the planet in the name of mutant supremacy. In other words, Magneto has come to fear his own dreams.

Magneto Doesn’t Actually Want Mutant Supremacy

Throughout his life, Magneto has been driven by a desire to survive in a world that is constantly trying to kill him. It makes him hostile and angry - but he's also powerful. Magneto realizes that he doesn't have to stand by and let the world trample on him and his kind, he can fight back, and he can fight back even harder. But when Xavier dies and is left with only a vivid dream of world peace and harmony, Magneto softens and realizes that community is better than rule. Mutants don't need to rule the world to live in peace, and they certainly don't need to kill humans. Magneto discovered this in the timeline of the age of Apocalypse, as he later found out in the golden timeline of Earth 616, but Apocalypse did not. apocalypse obsessed with survival The fittest, he firmly believes that no one is more suitable than him, so it is his responsibility to decide who deserves to live under him, while still being strong and powerful enough, to be worthy of life - and Apocalypse decides that mutants can be in his world Survive, humanity will be extinct. That's exactly what Magneto wanted in his Marvel Comics debut, but when it actually happened under Apocalypse's reign, he learned just how nightmare that dream really was.

Throughout the X-Men issue, Magneto was genuinely terrified of what would happen if a powerful mutant rose up and disrupted the status quo of human superiority - a fact that confirms that Magneto's dream is a nightmare, not only Not just for him, but for the whole world.

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