WWE SmackDown: Backstage news on Uncle Howdy's status

Bray Wyatt's storyline continues into the Royal Rumble, where he will fight the LA Knights. Fans are still curious to know who Uncle Howie is.

Uncle Howdy has been a consistent part of Bray Wyatt's speeches since Eater of Worlds' reappearance on Extreme Rules, but WWE fans still don't know who the masked man is. In the weeks leading up to Wyatt's appearance on SmackDown, most fans assumed that the character represented a new dark side version of Bray, played by him. It's like a new-look version of The Fiend. However, it turns out that may not be the case, as Uncle Howdy has now stood next to Wyatt and attacked him. Anything is possible in the crazy world of pro wrestling, but as it stands, Uncle Howie and Bray Wyatt are two different people.

This begs the question: who is behind Uncle Howdy's mask? Fightful Select recently shared a report on how closely WWE protects its identity. "WWE is hiding it from whoever Uncle Howdy is. Fightful repeatedly asked who played the Bray Wyatt contingent stunt. We're told that so far, the person wearing the suit hasn't taken it off. Show yourself in front of other people.” WWE has proven capable Keep it secret at all times, this is one of them. At this moment, no one has publicly stated who Uncle Howdy is, and fans are left with theories and speculation.

WWE Fans Think Uncle Howdy Is Bo Dallas, But Why?

Some members of the WWE Universe are convinced that Uncle Howdy is Bray Wyatt's real-life brother Bo Dallas, though the exact reason is unclear. Dallas hasn't played a game for the company since November 2019, with an April 2021 release. While some former superstars have broken into the indie scene or joined rival promotions such as AEW, Dallas -- real name Taylor Rotunda -- has not been actively involved in wrestling since his release. Of course, that doesn't completely rule it out, but it seems like it's some sort of headshot to gaining traction and gaining a foothold on Reddit. There was no indication that Bo Dallas was playing Uncle Howdy until the Jan. 6 episode of SmackDown.

This may be an interesting twist, but WWE could go in any direction with the Uncle Howdy character. Triple H and his writing team may not even have identified who is playing the role yet, but let a random 6-foot-1 wrestler go out and use Sister Abigail before disappearing backstage. It seems unlikely, but strange things have happened. For now, fans can find out who Uncle Howie is at the Royal Rumble later this month. Or it could take years, as Sister Abigail reveals. It'll be fun to see the audience guess who he might be before Howdy wraps up his game. The WWE Universe has guessed everyone from Brock Lesnar to Edge, and this one seems to be someone no one expected.

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