Wives and Sisters: Why Cody Brown Calls Kristen a 'Gamer'

Kody Brown of Sister Wives goes out of his way to abuse his ex-wife Christine. After losing his temper, Cody is now showing his true colors.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown has made no secret of his thoughts on ex-wife Kristen as he calls her a "manipulative person". The patriarch cannot control his emotions and often allows them to control him. Instead of leaving peacefully, Cody fought back where it hurt.

Since Christine announced in November 2021 that she was leaving the polygamous family, Wives and Concubines fans have had a front row seat to Cody's meltdown. In the latest season, viewers saw Kody lash out at Christine, lie to her about child custody, yell at her and even go into a tirade about his pain. Throughout, Kristen remained calm, even as Cody dragged her name through the mud. After a year of separation, Kody still doesn't seem to be over the heartache.

Does Kody Hate Christine?

Apparently, Cody had nothing nice to say about his former third wife. During the Sister Wives reunion, the father of the 18-year-old revealed his true feelings for Kristen, telling viewers she was a "gamer". Despite Kody claiming he was trying to be "stoic" about the breakup, Fans have seen through him and his actions. According to Cody, his third wife has always been a gamer, noting that since the day they got married, she would "throw a tantrum" if Kristen didn't get her way. Cody noted that most of the games took place when the family chose to move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Kody Also Throws Tantrums

Kody shares an intimate story with a Sister Wives fan about exchanging gifts. According to him, Kristen was mad at the gift Meri gave Cody. Turns out Meri baked her special rice crackers to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. The thoughtful gift puts Kody in thinking mode, and when he shares how he feels about getting back together with Meri, Christine lashes out at Kody, claiming she "lost her shit." Cody shared that the incident happened two years before Kristen finally kicked him out.

Viewers of Sister Wives had a hard time believing Kody's story, especially since he was the one with the blowout. Kristen always said she had jealousy issues, even in earlier seasons. However, Cody always tries to portray a loving family under his rule. For now, fans are on the sidelines With Kristen, but that may change in the future as more information comes to light.

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Sister Wives airs every Sunday at 10pm. EST on TLC.

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