Wife's Sisters' Cody Brown Is Reportedly Looking For A New Wife

Amid his wife's mass exodus, Wife and Sister star Cody Brown is reportedly looking for another spouse to join him as he rebuilds.

Much to the dismay of many Sister Wives viewers, Cody Brown is reportedly seriously considering adding a new wife to the Brown family. The father of the 18-year-old has been struggling with the fact that three-quarters of his wife has left him. Still, it's clear that the patriarch still needs polygamy to work.

Heartbreak appears to be just what Cody needs to get himself back on the ring, as In Touch confirms that the "The Real Wife" star is currently looking for a future wife. A source close to the polygamous family shared that Cody is "definitely actively looking" to bring in another woman. Although Kody was spotted questioning his lifestyle on Sister Wives, the source doubled down, noting that Kody is a "proud polygamist" who is used to the lifestyle. It looks like Cody won't be happy with a monogamous marriage, as Robin Brown is his only remaining wife.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown Has Only One Wife

The inside scoop on In Touch is being revealed as many Sister Wives fans think Kody will be happy with only Robyn in his life. The informant revealed that while Cody may not appeal to modern women, many A single woman would "jump at the chance" to be a wife within his own community. Robin seems to agree with Cody's return to the love world. In the January 2021 episode of Sister Wives, Robin hints that she has men vying for her affections, but wants to live a life of diversity.

Cody now has only one wife, as it was revealed that Janelle and Merri Brown had had enough of Cody's drama as well. During the Sister Wives tell-all reunion, Janelle revealed she had been separated from Kody for months. The mother of six was tired of Cody's strict rules and couldn't make up for their son. Sadly, Merry wanted to reconcile, but Cody was the one who decided to end the marriage.

Sister Wives fans continue to question who in their right mind would want to date, let alone marry, Cody, especially after seeing how he's been in the latest season. While there's always someone ready to take the bait, "The Wife" viewers hope Cody isn't in a hurry. 18-year-old dad still processing Conflicts with most of his adult children and should focus on mending his broken relationships rather than trying to start new ones.

Sister Wives airs every Sunday at 10pm. EST on TLC.

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