Why This Batman: Arkham Villain Won't Appear In Suicide Squad: KTJL

Rocksteady revealed that several iconic Batman villains will return in Suicide Squad: KTJL, but one of these enemies is unlikely to make an appearance.

Rocksteady will be returning to its acclaimed Batman: Arkham universe with the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League 2023, but one villain from the series won't be returning. The title will see Amanda Waller's team of supervillains and anti-heroes, Suicide Squad, face Brainiac's invasion of Metropolis, with the supervillain taking control of some of DC's most powerful heroes and using them to aid him in the yet-to-be- revealed plans. While a broader Justice League has been hinted at in previous Batman: Arkham franchises, this would be an appropriate unveiling for Rocksteady's version of the character.

Amongst the games, the Batman: Arkham series established the perception of the Dark Knight's most formidable foe. Rocksteady has already confirmed that characters like Penguin will return in Suicide Squad: KTJL, and there's still the possibility that more will return given Batman's refusal to kill many of his enemies in previous games. That possibility is heightened by the fact that Amanda Waller is forming this version of Task Force X in Arkham Asylum instead of Belle Rive, and there's the potential for further cameos from Batman's rogues' gallery in the game's opening scene.

Joker Should Still Be Dead In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

in In a shocking twist, the Joker succumbs to the deadly effects of the Titan formula at the end of Batman: Arkham City, while the opening scene of Batman: Arkham Knight sees the player cremating the Joker Prince of Crime. Considering how the events of Suicide Squad: KTJL took place after "Batman: Arkham Knight" in the timeline of "Batman: Arkham Knight", Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker, took place in Suicide Squad. Should be dead by the time the quest for Brainiac occurs.

Joker Returned In Hallucinations In Batman: Arkham Knight

The Joker does appear in Batman: Arkham Knight, despite apparently being dead, and Rocksteady's promise that the Joker will not return for the developer's third Batman: Arkham title. Previously infected with the Joker's blood, and exacerbated by the Scarecrow's fear toxin, the Dark Knight begins to hallucinate the Joker and some of his most heinous crimes, his enemies providing insight into the game's narrative moments force, or simply taunt Batman and push him over the edge.

Due to Brainiac's mind control abilities, it is possible for the Joker of the Arkhamverse to reappear in the form of hallucinations, dreams, or memories. This could happen during the boss fight with the brainwashed Batman, who will return in Suicide Squad: KTJL, although the character faked his death at the end Batman: Arkham Knight. Or, given Harley Quinn's long association with the Joker, he could appear as a memory or hallucination throughout Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, possibly mocking her for being an anti-hero in Suicide Squad , as he did in Arkham Knight. However, unless Rocksteady confirms otherwise, the Arkhamverse's Joker is dead and shouldn't be returning.

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