Why Shemar Moore Left Criminal Minds in Season 11

Derek Morgan worked on the Criminal Minds team from season 1 to season 11. Here's why Shemar Moore left Criminal Minds, and if he'll ever return.

That's why Morgan left Criminal Minds in season 11. CBS's Criminal Minds is a thriller series that came out way back in 2005 and follows a team of FBI profilers on a mission to track down and stop a steady stream of brutal serial killers. Along with NCIS, Criminal Minds was one of the most popular procedural shows during its run, which ended in 2020 but was brought back in season 16 of Criminal Minds: Evolution. It was also a hit, earning two spinoffs in the form of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Criminal Minds: Suspicious Behavior.

The first two seasons of "Criminal Minds" starred Mandy Patinkin as Jason Gideon, but the actor abruptly withdrew as the production prepared for a third season. Patinkin later admitted that the show was darker and more disturbing than he expected. Signed, he backed out because he didn't like the level of violence. Amazingly, the series survived Gideon's unexpected exit. In fact, its only natural key cast member is going to leave after its 15-year run, Thomas Gibson, as we all know, was fired in season 12. Another major departure came in Season 11 of Criminal Minds, when Shemar Moore's Derek Morgan left the team. That's why Morgan left Criminal Minds.

Why Derek Morgan Actor Shemar Moore Left Criminal Minds

Why Morgan left Criminal Minds is the actor's behavior. Derek Morgan has been a part of the long-running successful Criminal Minds formula (and the subject of Criminal Minds' darkest fan theory) from the show's first episode. As the years went by, the role evolved from an early relatively relaxed one to become more weathered. He's also overcoming childhood traumas, including witnessing his police officer father being shot, and he's had some particularly tough times in season 11. did manage to escape and kill his tormentors. Just two episodes later in Criminal Minds' "A Beautiful Disaster," Morgan's pregnant wife Savannah was gunned down. After Morgan helped capture the culprit, Savannah gave birth to their son Hank -- named after Morgan's late father -- and the agent bid farewell to the team and retired from the BAU. Unlike some of the other shocking exits of Criminal Minds characters, there was no behind-the-scenes drama as to why Morgan left Criminal Minds, the actor simply decided it was time after eleven seasons leave.

He felt he had explored every aspect of Morgan's character, and he wanted to work on other projects. Filming a network show like "Criminal Minds" takes 10 months per season, leaving little time for other movies or shows, and Shemar Moore said he also wanted to free up time to focus on his personal life. However, Derek Morgan did return for a few episodes in later seasons.

Since playing Derek Morgan, Shemar Moore has played law enforcement roles and is currently starring in the CBS action series SWAT. As Sergeant Daniel "Hondo" Harrison. Since he left his famous Criminal Minds TV role in Season 11 (a far less controversial departure than onetime co-star Thomas Gibson), Moore has also directed for Victor Stone (aka Cyborg) - DC's video movies (such as Death of Superman and Justice League Dark: War of Apokolips). He also played the role of Malcolm Winters in multiple episodes of the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. He also landed a few film roles, most notably as FBI agent Randall Handel in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

What Shemar Moore Has Done Since Criminal Minds

Derek Morgan left BAU in Criminal Minds season 11, but the character wasn't killed off, which always left the door open for a brief reappearance or a full return to the show -- and, sure enough, Shemar Moore has made several cameo appearances since leaving the regular cast. In the season 12 episode "Red Light", he pays a visit to the team. He provided emotional support to Reid during his incarceration and also helped Garcia find common ground with Alvez (with whom his successor, Garcia, later began a romantic relationship).

Every Time Shemar Moore's Derek Returned After Criminal Minds Season 11

Morgan's Criminal Minds season 13 appearance in the episode "Lucky Strikes", where he once again offers Garcia emotional support, albeit this time in a particularly harrowing case. In the season 13 episode "Dance of Love," Morgan has settled down and is now married with a child. Derek Morgan made a few brief appearances in seasons 14 and 15 in flashbacks and dream sequences, but he didn't visit the BAU himself again. Whether he'll appear again in Criminal Minds season 16 has yet to be resolved, but since Morgan is still alive, there's no canonical reason why Shemar Moore couldn't come back for another cameo.

many We're mad at the fact that Matthew Gray Gubler's Spencer Reed probably won't be in Criminal Minds: Evolution, but what about Shemar Moore's Derek Morgan? Shemar Moore now plays the lead character, Daniel "Hondo" Harrison, a SWAT member in the series SWAT. Sargeant, who with the help of his team cracks crimes in Los Angeles. EW sat down for a video interview with Moore, and while discussing his show, they also asked him if he would appear on Criminal Minds: Evolution. Unfortunately, Moore's answer was not so promising. "Should I go back to 'Criminal Minds' and flirt with my baby girl and go after UnSubs? Of course, fine. But Hondo's kind of busy, that's what I'm talking about," said the actor, who hosts the show for Gu The return of Boehler and Moore leaves the door open, but that doesn't mean they will. Moore's reaction was especially frustrating, but S.W.A.T. is in its sixth season and continuing to go strong. Sadly, it's unlikely that Shemar Moore's Derek Morgan will reappear in Criminal Minds, but at least it's due to scheduling issues rather than the actor's refusal to return.

Will Shemar Moore Cameo In Criminal Minds: Evolution?

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