Where was the woman in the house across the street filmed?

Kristen Bell's Netflix thriller "The Woman in the House Across the Street" was filmed in several locations, with each scene influencing the story.

Netflix's The Woman in the House in the Street Across the Girl in the Window is a spoof thriller, and while the town of Canterbury Hills may be fictional, the series is filmed in several idyllic locations. Anna Whitaker (Kristen Bell), who rarely leaves her home in the wake of tragedy, begins to think her neighbor has been killed. While most of the miniseries takes place in Ana's home, Ana also visits other places, such as the grocery store and neighbors' houses. She also visited a lighthouse and an elementary school, hoping to find out.

Anna has a condition called ombrophobia. Also mourning the death of her young daughter. Ana spends most of her time sitting at home drinking and thinking about her lost family, as she and ex-husband Douglas (Michael Ely) still care about each other but find it hard to be together. The filming location of The Woman in the House Across the Street explains Anna's emotional trauma and the distractions she finds while investigating a potential murder. when she wonders if She is in danger.

The Woman In The House Was Primarily Shot In Angelino Heights And Pasadena

Filming on "The Woman in the House Across the Street" began in Spring 2021, primarily on location at a private residence in Angelino Heights, near Los Angeles (via Backstage). The exterior of Anna's home was filmed in the Chapman Woods area of ​​Pasadena, CA (Dirt.com). Although Anna's mailbox is broken, her 2,714-square-foot home still looks serene and elegant. Anna's home is important because it seems like a perfect, lovely place to live and raise a family, but it's ultimately a painful reminder of everything she's lost.

Although the episode has only one main scene, Anna's behavior at home provides commentary on her loss and period of mourning. Her living room is the perfect place to gaze at her new neighbor, Neil Coleman (Tom Riley), with whom she finds common ground as he loses his wife and raises his daughter alone. Of the women in the house across the street, Anna always makes casseroles and spends time in the kitchen to get closer to her daughter who loves the dish. Ana also likes to paint in her attic, She becomes even more important when she learns that Bull (Cameron Britton), her handyman, has been hiding there.

Anna's home is impeccably decorated, with blue walls and tasteful artwork, and she has a luxurious kitchen a chef's dream. The woman in the house across the street wouldn't pack nearly the same emotional punch if the setting weren't so seemingly serene and aesthetically pleasing. It's clear that Anna and Douglas put a lot of time into the house when they moved into it, and now Ana is struggling to live there. Anna's casseroles and the weird novels she often reads are obvious ways in which "The Woman in the House" mimics domestic thrillers.

The Woman In The House's Other Filming Locations Were Also In California

The Woman in the House Across the Street has several filming locations that help flesh out Anna's world and show her interactions with others, whether it's friends or neighbors she thinks are making fun of her. These scenes were also filmed in California. Several scenes of the town's police department were filmed at 140 North Isabel Street in Glendale, which used to be the Glendale Police Department. The scene was shot at Howie's Market when Anna went grocery shopping, in San Gabriel. Several scenes were filmed at the Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, and Ana also visited the Salon for lunch in the Sierra Madre (via Dirt.com).

These other filming locations explain Ana's relationship, each of which is important. Anna visits her daughter Elizabeth's gravestone because she misses her child every day so she feels compelled to do so and the cemetery is an important part of her life. Ana's interactions at the grocery store or on the street are equally frustrating, as her neighbor Carol (Brenda Gu) isn't very nice. When Anna and her best friend Sloane (Mary Holland) get manicures and pedicures, it's one of the outings in the series that brings Anna some joy, knowing that Sloane understands her pain and wants to give her best.

How The Setting Impacts The Story

The show's filming locations illustrate Anna's trauma and the growth she experiences in the finale. The "Women of the House" characters, such as Sloane and Douglas, visit Anna at her home, knowing she won't be away very often because they want to be there for her during this trying time. The series explores mental health and how difficult but important it is to reach out to others support. While everyone around Anna thinks she's wrong to worry about Neil's girlfriend Lisa (Shelley Hennig) being killed, Ana's listening to her instincts and trusting herself helps her gain confidence.

Anna learns to appreciate Sloane in a new way, and eventually reunites with Douglas, realizing that she no longer needs to be alone. By the end, Ana realizes that she can open up to the world again. The end of The Woman of the House is shocking, but also joyful and hopeful. Anna learns that Neil's daughter Emma (Samsara Yett) is the murderer, but she is still able to find peace and healing and no longer feels the need to hide in her house. "The Girl Outside the Window" and "The Woman in the House Across the Street" explore Anna's inner world and her discovered strength.

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