What happened to Katie Ross after RHOP Season 1?

Fans are curious what happened to The Real Housewives of Potomac season 1 star Katie Rost. She's been doing a lot since leaving the show.

The Real Housewives of Potomac is another hit series on Bravo, and fans are wondering what happened to Katie Rost after the first season. After being fired, Katie lived a drama-free life due to her broken engagement and child custody issues. Now, Bravo stans are looking for the former fan favorite since RHOP season 1. Season 7 of RHOP has already aired, and anticipation for this season began to build during filming in early 2022. RHOP's cast brought drama from the get-go, and Katie's appearance was no exception. Katie made her debut on season 1 of RHOP and made sporadic appearances in subsequent seasons. To some fans, she came across as a bit unhinged, living in a fantasy world. After a lackluster first season, she was allegedly fired for lackluster storylines. Katie was last seen during RHOP season 4, when Bravo invited her friends back as regulars.

Since leaving RHOP, Katie has been focused on her child custody hearing. katie and her Ex-husband Dr. James Orsini has been at odds over the care of their children: James Rocco and twin daughters Renee and Kathryn. In addition to fighting for her children, Katie has been going through several breakups. Since leaving the show, she has ended all subsequent relationships. Katie even called off another engagement to a man named Jesse, whom she had only been dating for five months.

Katie Rost's Custody Battle & Relationships

In 2019, Katie broke her own rules about keeping her life private when she opened up about her pregnancy struggles. The former reality star shared that she suffered a devastating miscarriage and revealed that she has given birth to three children in total. Katie, who was spotted filming RHOP, also noted her latest failed pregnancy, which she called Baby Quinn, was the saddest she's ever been born. Aside from the catastrophic loss, Katie has been focused on working for the Ronald F. Rost Charitable Foundation, which is named in honor of her late father. Despite leaving reality TV, Katie made a quick appearance at RHOP season 7 opener Karen Huger's Spring Bash party.

Katie Has Moved Since RHOP

Since leaving The Real Housewives of Potomac, Katie has been out most of the time In the spotlight, she has occasionally appeared in episodes of the show since her debut. While Katy doesn't appear to be returning full-time anytime soon, fans know that Katy, who Karen wants her back to RHOP, needs to stay away from reality TV. At least for now.

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Source: Katie Rost/Instagram

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