What Happened to Chef Dave White of Below Deck's Mediterranean Season 7

Since the end of Season 7 of Below Deck in the Mediterranean, fans of the nautical series have wondered about chef Dave White's life after the show.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 is an interesting installment with information on Chef Dave White's post-superyacht Home journey. The season just wrapped, and fans have had mixed reviews for it. Captain Sandy Yawn led the charter flights. The crew includes Natasha "Tash" Webb, Kyle Viljoen, Natalya Scudder, Chef Dave, Raygan Tyler, Storm Smith, Courtney Veale, Reid Jenkins and Mzi "Zee" Dempers. Raygan was eventually fired and Storm had to step up as boatswain. Since most of the crew are new to the series, there is a lot of drama.

Before joining Below Deck Med, Dave had several years of culinary experience and even opened his own restaurant serving seasonal French cuisine. His time on the show wasn't his first experience as a yacht chef either, with Dave serving up some of the better dishes seen on the series. Due to a back injury, the British-born chef underwent spinal surgery after filming on season 7 wrapped. Dave describes himself as an adrenaline junkie and is set to climb Everest for the second time in 2023. His goal is to pass the highest altitude.

Dave & Natasha's Relationship Saga

Dave's real-life experiences are memorable due to his relationship with Natasha, a metaphorical shipwreck. Things hit rock bottom when Dave sent Natasha an inappropriate text message. It all started when they got on the yacht and Natasha didn't want to reveal to the crew that she had a romantic affair with him. Even though they were supposed to be living in the same cottage, Natasha hid from him in the guest room and refused to return his text messages after leaving the club. He threatens to tell the crew about their romance. They eventually broke up, and Dave has since apologized. He regrets his actions.

Dave is far from being one of the worst cooks under deck in the Mediterranean. However, something dramatic happened when he messed up a guest's pancakes. However, guests do have very specific instructions for their scones. That guest just so happens to be former NFL player Dominique Easley. The first time, Dave substituted crepes, which Dominique didn't eat. The second time, the pancake was a little raw in the middle.

Dave is a very good cook on a superyacht. he made some Most elegant meal in the franchise and generally well received. Eventually, he and Natasha worked out their issues and managed to remain friends. Fans want Dave back for season 8 of Under Deck Mediterranean.

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