Welcome to Plathville: How Moriah Plath is celebrating Christmas in 2022

Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath's 2022 won't be easy, but she'll be able to unwind with friends and family this Christmas 2022.

Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath enjoyed some much-needed family time over the holidays. Even though the Plaths are no longer under the same roof, the famous reality star hasn't let distance separate them. Moriah still has close ties to her family and being able to spend Christmas with some of her relatives means a lot to her.

Moriah is known to have had her ups and downs with her family in Welcome to Plathville. Although they didn't always see eye-to-eye, they've been able to overcome their differences and have built a stronger relationship because of the odds they've overcome. Moving out taught Moriah an important lesson. As much as she loves the freedom of being away from Kim and Barry Plath, she loves having her family around, whether it's living with her older brother, Micah Plath, or with her older brother, Ethan Plath, and his wife, Olivia Plath.

Moriah Plath Celebrated Christmas With Family By Her Side

Moriah shared on her Instagram account a photo of her standing at the airport with her father Barry Plath and younger brother Isaac Plath. She captioned the post, 'Merry Christmas! Santa didn't come because I was naughty Listed this year, but Jesus did it! ❤️ (Blackjack is awesome though! He got a new bed, new toys, food, a new collar and leash!) Thanks Dad and Isaac for spending time with me this weekend! Welcome to Plathville Fans were quick to notice the mention of her mom, Kim.

Since Kim and Barry announced their separation, family dynamics haven't been the same. Kim's vicious cycle (including a recent DUI arrest ) actually affected the entire family. While Plath's kids were outspoken about taking sides, it was a difficult transition for everyone.

Moriah has had a lot of difficult times over the past year. However, she is learning to let go of those bad memories and still has a lot to be grateful for. She has a loyal canine companion, Blackjack, whose presence in her life she credits with helping her cope with the constant changes in her life. Welcome to Plathville Fans are happy to see Moriah happy and thriving.

Before the holidays, Moriah moved out of the Tampa home she shared with Ethan and Olivia. Followers have been speculating about the provenance She may have moved, but she's kept her new residence a secret. Wherever she lives now, Barry and Isaac have to fly out to see her. Hopefully, when Welcome to Plathville returns, her adventures will be featured in the new season.

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