Wednesday Season 2 Story Hints Support Morticia Addams Theory

The creators on Wednesday revealed details about the story direction for season 2, which bolsters theories about Morticia Adams' future.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Wednesday season 1!

Teased story details for Wednesday's season 2 support theories about Morticia Adams' (Catherine Zeta-Jones) developing arcs and dynamics with her daughter. With the exception of lead character Wednesday Adams (Jenna Ortega), the Adams family featured mostly recurring characters or guest roles in Wednesday season 1, including a cameo by Fred Armisen as Fest uncle. While Pugsley, Gomez, and Morticia returned to New Jersey for most of Wednesday's season 1 story, Morticia still played a major role in her daughter's journey at Nevermore Academy, though that dynamic could play out tragically in the finale Significant changes occurred thereafter.

After Wednesday's attempt to escape Morticia's Nevermore legacy, learn about their shared psychic powers, and investigate her parents' connection to the multigenerational murder mystery of season one, the mother-daughter pair's complicated relationship will be revealed in the highly anticipated Wednesday season. Great Expansion 2. According to episode co-creator Al Goff, Wednesday season 2 will prioritize the evolution of Morticia and Wednesday's relationship, suggesting that Zeta-Jones may play a larger role in subsequent seasons . When Morticia is sent back to his alma mater for another term on Wednesday, the mother-daughter duo may have more surprises in store, which could include Brings them closer than season 1.

Season 2's Wednesday & Morticia Focus Supports Nevermore Principal Theory

The fact that Wednesday and Morticia's relationship was at the forefront in Wednesday season 2 suggests that the duo will be together more often, which would only plausibly happen if Morticia made more appearances at Nevermore Academy. The story teases back theory that Morticia Addams will be Nevermore's new headmaster in Wednesday season 2, thereby exacerbating Morticia's and Wednesday's problems by placing them in such close proximity once again. Considering Wednesday's season 1 finale saw the tragic death of principal Larissa Weems, Nevermore needed a new leader, and Morticia Addams would be a realistic replacement By.

It's much easier to explore Wednesday and Morticia's evolving relationship when they're actually together, but Wednesday season 2 couldn't re-use the 1992 Gates murder to bring Zeta Jones' character back to Jericho. So the potential for Morticia to serve as interim principal at Nevermore is the most organic way to see the women in the Adams family tree interacting more frequently. While the matriarch of the Addams family is the never-ending principal, which will inevitably exacerbate Wednesday's mother-daughter rivalry, it will force the characters to confront their issues and make real progress in their ever-changing relationship.

Why Morticia Becoming Nevermore Principal Makes Sense For Wednesday Season 2

Wednesday's Season 1 highlighted the outsized influence that Gomez's ancestry had on Nevermore College's history, so it was only logical that the school's next headmaster would become a member of the Addams family. Morticia may be the Adams of marriage, but she also has two children who will carry on the family legacy at the wandering school, as Pugsley could also attend Nevermore in Wednesday's future. Even without family ties, young Morticia Frump was a legend at Nevermore College because of her extracurricular activities, leadership and devotion to the school, a history that would presumably be prioritized in choosing a successor to Principal Larissa Weems.

Morticia's becoming Nevermore's principal on Wednesdays in season 2 will also ensure a nod to Larissa Weems' memory, as Morticia and Larissa were roommates when they were students at Nevermore. In addition to making up for mistakes in her friendship with Larissa, teaching at Nevermore would allow Morticia to redeem her reputation in Jericho after Gomez was accused of murdering Garrett Gates. With Nevermore Academy's drifters recovering from Laurel Gates' murder plot, the Addams family can use this time to heal rifts in the community while also rekindling their influence over the direction of the school, Morticia is well-qualified to lead the charge on Wednesdays Season 2.

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