Too hot to handle: What Sophie Stonehouse has been up to since quitting

Too Hot To Handle star Sophie Stonehouse was one of the most daring contestants. After her shocking exit, fans are eager to know what happened to her.

Sophie Stonehouse unexpectedly dropped out of season 4, and viewers are curious to see how she fares after the show wraps up. The fourth season of Netflix's hit series Too Hot to Handle wraps up on December 14. Single men and women who come looking for a physical connection go out and form more emotional bonds. Some contestants, like Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici, found their perfect match, while some cast members left the show as singles. Sophie is one such charming woman who goes out on her own.

Fans love Sophie's charisma and positive energy on the show. The Brit has had a rough ride on Too Hot To Handle. From a viewer's perspective, Sophie deserves better on the show. The 22-year-old events manager entered the Turks and Caicos villa with a sure-fire plan, not making connections with anyone. Even with no strings attached, Sophie ends up falling in love with Creed McKinnon. The couple shared a lovely relationship on Too Hot To Handle, but it didn't last long. Typical bad boy Creed leaves Sophie to pursue a connection with newcomer Flavia Laos Urbina.

Sophie Is Updating Herself As An Influencer After Too Hot To Handle

Sophie becomes resistant Connect with other contestants in the house in Too Hot To Handle. Sophie was left alone on the show when Too Hot To Handle's virtual assistant host, Lana, sent Sophie home a few days before the finale. After becoming a reality star, Sophie has gained a huge following on Instagram and seems to be shifting her focus from event manager to social media influencer. She is currently represented by London-based talent agency All Star Entertainment. These days, Sophie mostly spends her time partying, vacationing and photographing glamorous models.

Is Sophie Still Friends With Creed After Too Hot To Handle?

Sophie and Creed have a dramatic ending in Too Hot To Handle. The two may not be dating after filming the show, but they're still friends. Recently, most of the cast gathered in London for a happy hour. Posting about their happy hour in the city, a fan asked Creed in his Instagram Q&A, "Are you and Sophie reconciled?" Creed responded by sharing a photo of him and Sophie. He says they have a great relationship and he seems to be grateful for what they have now.

Sophie is enduring her attention Received after Too Hot To Handle. In her career as an influencer, Sophie has made even more strides since filming the show. She may still be single, but fans love the time Sophie spends with her pals. Viewers can only hope that Sophie continues to thrive in the future.

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