Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Stars Celebrate Christmas In 2022

The Season 4 stars have won over fans with their crazy antics, and now they're sharing their 2022 Christmas festivities.

Mnay fans have already binge-watched an all-new season of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix, with the cast sharing their lives after the show to celebrate Christmas 2022. Too Hot To Handle Season 4 kicked off with a bang as Cone host Lana welcomed singles to her retreat. She fools the contestants into THTH by giving them false hopes of being on an adventurous dating show. The sexually charged men and women spent the next few weeks reining in their temptations in hopes of winning the $200,000 prize.

Too Hot To Handle season 4 ends with Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici winning it all. The actors spent three weeks together at the retreat, which gave them time to bond. Recently, THTH's contestants mostly met in London, wandering the streets, partying and posting about their happy times on social media. Fans have admired how this season's cast have become friendship targets after the show ended, with some even spending the holidays together.

THTH's Kayla Richart Shows Off Christmas Look

Kayla was the most popular girl at the start of season 4 of Too Hot To Handle. most men When she arrived at the retreat, the cast warmed to her. She was closely linked to Seb Melrose on the show, and they even became two finalists on Too Hot To Handle. The couple didn't win the show, but they did win the hearts of fans. Kayla recently posted a Christmas treat for her Instagram followers, showing off her figure in a black sweater and plunging skirt. She added a cheeky caption saying, "It's a Keira Christmas" and added a red heart at the end.

THTH Seb and Creed McKinnon Celebrated Christmas Together

Seb and Creed have a special bond in Too Hot To Handle. The handsome hunks became best friends on the show and have remained so since filming. Seb and Creed recently crossed Spain off their travel bucket list as the duo plans to travel the world together. Seb and Creed celebrate Christmas with their mutual friends in 2022. Creed posted an Instagram video with Seb on Christmas Eve, writing in the caption, "It's the night before Christmas."

THTH Flavia Laos Spent Her Christmas With Family

THTH's Flavia, a Peruvian actress and model, stole the moment she stepped on the show In the limelight. she tries to make a Connected with Creed on Too Hot To Handle, but things didn't work out between them and they decided to stay friends. Recently, Flavia shared a series of Instagram Stories that gave viewers a glimpse into her Christmas Eve with her family. She posted photos with her grandfather, sister and mother. Fans love seeing another side of Flavia in Christmas 2022.

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