This gardening robot will clear weeds from your lawn while you kick back

Get a beautiful, weed-free yard without the hard work. Check out Dandy's advanced gardening robot for the consumer market.

With Dandy, one can have a weed-free, gorgeous lawn effortlessly. CES 2023 was full of tech-oriented visionaries finding ways to solve problems and make everyday tasks less tedious, even lawn maintenance needs. Lawn care is a demanding but rewarding job, but with the right technique, it needn't be a chore. Thankfully, a company has developed gardening technology to solve one of the most tedious tasks in lawn care.

Dandy Technology has launched a new line of eco-friendly robots: Dandy DT-01 and Dandy DT-01XL. Dandy is specifically designed to treat weeds in home lawns, limiting the environmental impact of herbicides through the use of its safe, highly effective on-site treatment. Using small doses of herbicides on weeds can reduce levels of chemicals entering the environment by 90% compared to spraying your entire lawn. If more consumers reduced herbicide use, there would be less harm to humans and wildlife.

How To Use Dandy To Save Time On Lawn Care

Dandy's best feature is that it handles the heavy lifting for the user. Start by setting up your robot with the free Dandy robot app, available on Android and iOS. Use the app to draw a lawn boundary and Dandy will use vision processing to locate common hardwood trees weeds. Dandy doesn't need underground wires like a lawn mowing robot. Instead, weeding robots rely on AI and GPS. The dude returns to the area set up as "base camp" after searching for weeds. Users only need to move their fingers to start the machine with their mobile phones.

Although Dandy has not yet been officially released, consumers can pre-order the robot. In terms of price, it's on par with most home robots. The Dandy DT-01 sits on ¼ acre and sells for $699.99. The $799.99 next-tier Dandy DT-01XL is best for one-acre lawns. Pre-orderers will receive their orders in spring 2023. ^Dandy Technology is developing a broader market. By mid-year, the company hopes to release a commercial version of the robot, the Dandy DTC-101. To make things even better, the robot kills weeds based on a user-selected herbicide, which means it can handle organic solutions. With Dandy Technology, homeowners can help lead an environmental initiative.

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