This AI crib monitor won't just tell you your baby is crying, it'll tell you why

It doesn't help if you don't understand what they're trying to say when they cry. Learn how this AI baby monitor interprets your baby's needs.

For new moms and dads, the Q-Bear device shown at CES can help them learn about their baby. A baby's cry is a survival method that helps communicate a baby's needs. Unfortunately, translating newborn cries is not that simple. Over time, parents may be able to tell the difference between a baby's hunger whimpers and tired whimpers, but for new parents, it can be a long and exhausting process that leads to many sleepless nights. If only there were a talking machine.

Quantum Music, a company focused on using sound in algorithmic programming, has released a product to help parents understand what their baby is trying to say. Unlike traditional crib monitors that only focus on the baby's sight or hearing, the Q-bear listens to babies' cries and provides parents with meaningful information about their baby. Q-bear identifies four basic needs of babies: fussiness, fatigue, hunger, and dirty or wet diapers. It can also detect physiological conditions such as pain. After analyzing a baby's cry, it makes recommendations to parents based on its interpretation, helping to remove language barriers.

How Q-bear Knows Your Baby’s Needs

Q-bear aims to learn baby cries using a dataset of over 10,000 crying babies. Using 18 layers of deep learning Architecture, GPU pre-trained modes and pre-processing algorithms designed to accurately detect the reasons behind babies' cries. Plus, the more Q-baby helps parents, the sharper it becomes. According to the company, this crib monitor is 95 percent accurate.

AI crib monitor offers other ways to make caring for a baby easier for new parents. When the baby is tired and hears the "tired" cry, Q-bear will automatically play lullabies and patented womb sounds to help the baby relax and fall asleep slowly. Whenever the monitor receives a "diaper change" message, it tracks diaper inventory, alerting parents that they need to buy more when prices are low. The device also includes voice commands to trigger the night light, making it easier for parents to find their way at night. Parents can download lullabies and audiobooks for Q-bear to amuse their babies.

Even when the baby is not crying, Q-bear provides various push notifications. For example, when the room temperature is abnormal or the software detects abnormal urine or pain indices. This information is collected and stored within the app for parental monitoring. Q-bear also addresses privacy concerns, as family information is stored locally On Q-bear's built-in database instead of uploading to the server to prevent data leakage.

As artificial intelligence advances, more technologies, such as the Apple Watch's ability to detect cardiac dysfunction, are being designed and developed to improve lives. While many may not see the appeal of a smart refrigerator, most parents can understand why an AI translator for crying babies is worth the money. Q-baby might just be the best baby shower gift ever.

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