There's one thing about Tim Drake that makes him a better Robin

Robin Tim Drake is trying to prove that Bruce didn't disappear in Batman #131, and one of his traits might help him get his hero back safe and sound.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman #131!

Of all the guys who've been Robbins, there's one thing about Tim Drake that puts him a league above the rest of the Robbins. Batman #131 reveals what makes Tim one of the best Wonder Boys The Dark Knight has ever seen.

Throughout Batman's career, he cast several people in the role of Robin. From Dick Grayson all the way to his biological son Damian, Bruce has taken many young professionals under his wing. Although they all wear similar outfits, they all have very different personalities and skills. Dick is a smiling acrobat, Jason Todd is tenacious and brutal, Tim Drake has a brilliant mind, and Damian is a master tactician. Each Boy Wonder plays the same supporting role for Batman, but they all do it in their own unique ways, sparking debate among fans as to who is the best Robin ever.

After the recent tragedies in the Bat-family, Tim seems to be once again displaying the qualities that made him a star sidekick. In Chip Zdarsky and Miguel Mendonça's Batman #131 Alternate Story "Toy Box Part 1," Tim recounts his and Batman's Batman's ultimate accident, Failsafe, shoots Batman with a gun, making him disappear completely. Tim works with Superman Jon Kent, who apologizes for allowing Failsafe to keep the gun in the Fortress of Solitude. Jon voiced his support for Tim over Bruce's death, while Robin refused to accept the fact that Batman was dead, going so far as to say that they had "been through it before". Even though Nightwing admitted that Bruce was still alive, he told Tim that Batman would come back to them. But Tim is determined to make sure he finds Bruce and brings him home safely.

Only Tim Drake Will Work To Find Batman

This is not the first time Tim Drake has had to work to find out Bruce's whereabouts. When Batman was hit by Darkseid's Omega Sanction in Final Crisis, Tim discovered that Bruce had lived before anyone else. He travels the world looking for the evidence needed to bring Batman back. While he has more support in the corner this time around, Tim is the only one actively trying to find Bruce. The young hero's unrelenting determination is something Batman needs now more than ever, making Tim the best Robin he can be.

Both times Batman is widely considered to be After his death, Robin Tim Drake was on his side, as Tim was as determined as Bruce to see the case through. Although the heroes know that Bruce might still be alive, Tim is the only one trying to get him back. No matter what happens to Bruce, Tim is Robin, and he won't stop until he brings his mentor back where he belongs. The other Robins are no slouch in heroism, but only Tim has the necessary drive to be the best wunderkind of all. Fans can see Robin Tim Drake's determination for himself in Batman #131, which is out now.

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