The X-Men's Mightiest Hero Is Officially Named By Marvel

After years of developing their abilities, Marvel has officially named an X-Men hero the most powerful member of the team, aka the Master Mutant.

Warning: contains spoilers for Venom #14!

The recent attack on the X-Men's New York base - the iconic treehouse - has established which mutant heroes are truly the most powerful. The answer will come as a shock to many fans, but Marvel's mutant comics have steadily built up over the years. Not only did Marvel pay homage to the hero's immense power, they've even given him the perfect title befitting his status: Master of Mutations.

Currently, Marvel's Dark Web event pits Spider-Man and the X-Men against Madeleine Pryor and the Rift's combined forces. The two clones (Jean Gray and Peter Parker, respectively) teamed up to take revenge on the proto-humans they believed had been keeping them down, recruiting the demonic denizens of Limbo and the time-lost Venom to their cabal. Pryor, aka the Goblin Queen, is fast becoming a true mastermind, as her recent ascent to ruler of the Limbo dimension gives her control of a veritable army.

In Venom #14 - from Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch - Venom attacks the X-Men's treehouse, causing a distraction so other agents of the Goblin Queen can influence the heist. as the team battles possession in new york Object, they have left Synch - aka Everett Thomas - to guard their base and its portal back to the mutant nation Krakoa. The Goblin Queen admits that while there's only one mutant left, he's the "most powerful member" of the X-Men - thankfully, she doesn't actually need Venom to win her plan over to succeed.

Synch Is Crowned X-Men's Most Powerful Mutant

While Synch isn't a household name like Wolverine or Magneto, there's more to his earning the title than that. Synch originally had the ability to use his powers when other mutants were near. That alone makes him incredibly powerful, but since his resurrection in Krakoa, the hero's potential has only grown. His resurrection triggers his ability to recall the powers of those he's synced up with in the past, while also increasing the range at which he can replicate new abilities. Synch was drafted into the first and second X-Men teams of the Krakoan Age, and took the time to learn from his teammates how to best use their powers. After this, Synch locked centuries of time in the Vault - a pocket dimension where time passed at an accelerated rate. Simultaneously emerged centuries of experience mastering his Powers, understanding them on a level not even their original bearers. As Synch points out, his experience with Wolverine's powers is even richer now than in the long-lived original.

X-Men Spent Years Building Its Ultimate Mutant

Synch can now duplicate the abilities of any superhuman - mutant or not - and invokes deep wells of the most potent mutant abilities, many of which were taught to him by their users and then had centuries to study in Performs flawlessly in extremely harsh environments. In this case, it makes perfect sense for Pryor to call him "Master Mutant," as he truly embodies the X-Men's new creed of working together to discover new frontiers of their potential.

Sadly, Synch's abilities do have a downside - accessing the powers in his memory causes him to age faster - but at this point, Everett Thomas is easily the most powerful member of the X-Men, and not just is to have the powers of each of them, but also be able to use them better than the original hero. Not too long ago, Synch was the mostly forgotten hero of the '90s franchise, but over the years, Marvel has Steadily improving his abilities, so much so that he is now the most powerful hero in the X-Men.

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