The Squid Game season 2 has a way of making its gameplay more disturbing

In Squid Game Season 2, Gi-hun's backstory could provide Front Man and co. Inspired by tougher, more disturbing challenges.

The Squid Game season 2 could use Gi-hun's backstory to make the eponymous game even more brutal and disturbing than before. Not only does Squid Game's creative approach face the challenge of weeding out game participants in what appears to be the cruelest of ways, but it also offers a disturbing look at classic children's games in Korean culture. All challenges require a fair share of strategy, cooperation, and often a degree of selfishness.

Ki Hoon witnessed it all firsthand, from Se Bi's death at the hands of Sang Woo, to Duk Soo's self-elimination and Wu Yi Nam's fake death. After surviving the race and winning the grand prize, Ki-hoon could choose to leave everything behind and live out the rest of his life in peace, but the salesman's offer to come back suggests that despite winning the first time, Ki-hoon will come back for more. This time, without Oh Il-Nam manipulating Squid Game, the game could be turned upside down.

Why Squid Game Season 2 Can Make Gi-Hun's Life Into Games

Both Wu Yinan and the squid game staff made it clear that they knew Ki Hoon as much as he knew himself. Since Ki Hoon's vengeance is a strong motivation for his return, they can use his will to gain Go back to them and continue to mess with his mind by turning his life experiences into a series of challenges. This mental torment would keep Ki-hoon under their control after winning the first game, and also make it difficult for him to disrupt games.

Gi-hun's life provided a lot of material to inspire the new Squid Games battle royale. Due to Gi-hun's obsession with betting on horses, forwards can organize challenges based on horse racing, driving due to Gi-hun's failure as a driver, or an extended version based on ddakji, Gi-hun is now associated with the salesman as well as squid games An impending tragedy. Gi-hun's failure to retain custody of his daughter and save his mother, Sae-byeok's murder, Oh Il-nam's betrayal, and Sang-woo's self-defeating can also be the squid game staff to torment Gi-when he returns voluntarily Time.

Squid Game Season 2 Has A Clear Plot Reason To Get Scarier

Wu Rinan sincerely believes that the squid game offers the poor a fair chance to turn their luck around, while also helping him feel alive in his final moments. The game's playground theme with his His own experience, which gave him a sense of familiarity with the game, thereby distracting the victims from their pain. With him gone, Huang Inho (aka Striker) and the squid game staff were free to revamp the game and increase the violence. VIPs offering prize money can also have a greater say in what the next race will look like, with a more brutal set likely to suit their perverted tastes. Perhaps it was this desire for more brutality that allowed Gi-hun and Hwang Jun-ho, if he survived season 1, to finally end the squid game once and for all.

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