The original plan for Stranger Things season 2 would have totally ruined the show

With season 5 gearing up to wrap up the Duffers' story, the original plan for Stranger Things 2 could have ruined the entire Netflix show.

If the Duffer brothers' original Stranger Things season 2 plans go ahead, Netflix's Stranger Things could well be ruined. The deathbed moments of Stranger Things season 4 brought the inevitable conclusion to the Netflix TV show. Vecna, the artist formerly known as Henry Creel, is more determined than ever to bring the Upside Down to collide with the real world, and the creepy abduction doors he leaves around Hawkins break the growing gap between worlds. The thinner the barrier. Stranger Things 5 ​​will be plunged into a war between reality and the upside-down, with Eleven, Will and their friends leading one side and Wickner commanding the other.

"Stranger Things"'s apocalyptic ending was a far cry from Season 2's cute Halloween costumes and fun arcade confrontations. For the hype, Stranger Things season 2 revealed that the mind flayer - the supposed Master of Upside Down - possessed Will Byers and attempted to expand its reach into the real world. Mind Flayer might have been a success if it weren't for those pesky kids, but Stranger Things season 2 started off very differently. According to the Duffer brothers, material is being prepared for Stranger The ending of Things was originally planned for season 2.

How Stranger Things' Original Season 2 Would've Changed The Show

The Duffers declined to specify which elements of the Season 5 plans were drawn from Season 2 for fear of giving away spoilers for their Stranger Things finale. Regardless of those delayed plotlines, however, dropping Stranger Things season 5's ending material so early would drastically change the course of the show's storytelling. The mall storyline, Scoops Troop, Hopper's disappearance, the gang's separation, and the addition of season 4's guitar hero Eddie Munson could all have changed had Stranger Things' game-changing, Hawkins-destroying climax started three seasons earlier. impossible. Such gravity leaves no room for ice cream and Metallica records.

Likewise, the original plan for season 2 of Stranger Things may have set the Netflix series on a very different tone. With each pass, the Stranger Things kids matured and the threat to Hawkins grew more serious, but seasons 3 and 4 of Stranger Things still managed to balance out the 1980s high school drama. Light-hearted stories of life versus darker stories about monsters and other dimensions. Only in the final moments of Stranger Things season 4 will there be a real shift in tone, which bodes well for Season 5 was much harsher. If the Duffer brothers' ending idea happens in season 2, then Stranger Things could get very serious very quickly.

Why Stranger Things Needed 5 Seasons

Ross Duffer claims that ideas originally prepared for Stranger Things season 2 were kept for season 5 simply because the world-building process after season 1 produced far more narrative avenues than anticipated. The Duffers may have anticipated an early end to their Stranger Things story, but after the Netflix original became a global sensation, an opportunity arose to expand on characters and storylines more organically, meaning specific endgame material being considered for season 2 Possibly pushed back.

Not only is Stranger Things full of mystery and lore, but the central characters—young, young, and grown-up—all resonate with audiences through vibrant, layered creations that grow and develop like real people. The more shades Stranger Things throws at its characters, and the more dynamics there are between those characters, the more attention they get. To conjure depth of character while still unraveling the upside-down mystery of all unsolved mysteries, Stranger Things would need at least five seasons. Season 2's endgame material will inevitably be far less meaningful than Stranger Things season 5.

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