The Chantel Family: What Pedro Jimeno Did To Lose Weight

Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno has done three things over the past two years to lose 45 pounds. How did he get his toned physique?

Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno uses a variety of techniques to lose excess pounds and get slim. The 31-year-old reality star shot to fame after appearing on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé alongside his former partner Chantel Everett. When Pedro first came to the United States, he looked healthy thanks to routines. However, eating American food led to weight gain, which became a big problem in his daily life.

Pedro wanted to lose excess pounds in order to achieve a slimmer figure. To achieve this goal, he has worked hard since 2019 and lost more than 50 pounds during the pandemic. The Dominican Republic native's physical transformation has improved every aspect of his life for the better. The most notable changes, however, are a more ambitious personality and a slimmer face. In fact, the difference in his appearance made many viewers wonder if he had plastic surgery. Pedro also changed his personal style, opting for a mix of elegant and sporty outfits.

Pedro Jimeno’s Muay Thai Regimen

Pedro's Three Top Tips for Total Weight Loss. One of the secrets is the muay thai training he started when he first started losing weight. Before training, Pedro A muscular body, but with more fat on his shoulders, chest, belly and face. After just two months of training, his upper body has become toned and he has begun to show the appearance of a "beach model". Pedro has shared his Muay Thai progress in multiple Instagram posts, training with Bangkok-based boxing fitness specialist Khunpon S. Dechkampu. According to the 90 Day Fiancé alum, the intense exercise helped him lose 7 pounds in a month.

Pedro Jimeno Never Skips 'Leg Day'

Although muay thai is a full-body workout, Pedro spends extra time working on his thighs, building muscle mass in his legs through the exercise. Since the lower body is the primary source of most of the major explosive exercises, the reality star constantly trains them to ripping results. Some of Pedro's posts show him working out with heavy weights on a leg press machine; this has helped him sculpt his legs. In one of the posts, the 31-year-old reality star claimed he had thin legs. His insecurities about those parts of his body may have prompted him to put more energy into lower-body workouts.

Pedro Jimeno Opted For A Healthy Diet & Intermittent Fasting

Pedro's rapid weight loss is also attributed to his consumption of small amounts of healthy food. When he first came to America to be with Chantel, he was addicted to American fast food. However, when Pedro started to lose weight in 2019, he changed his diet and opted for cleaner foods. In addition to focusing on nutrition, Pedro also accelerated his results by starting intermittent fasting, which helps some people lose weight quickly. He chose a "18/6" window for his fast, which means he didn't eat for 18 hours and consumed calories in the remaining six hours. Fans of Family Chantel have been impressed by what the reality star has accomplished in two years.

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