The Best Anime Openings of 2022

2022 offers fans the best OP in every medium. Here are some of the best anime openings of the year!

2022 is a fantastic new and returning anime, giving fans some amazing OPs to get hyped for. While every new year brings an incredible array of vacancies, 2022 is especially strong.

It is arguable that the opening scene of the cartoon is as important as the cartoon itself, if not more important. First impressions are crucial to fans, and if a show doesn't hook them, it can lead them to look for the next series without even trying the story. That's why a good OP is crucial. Combine the right amount of eye-catching visuals with a strong theme song, and even the tiniest anime could become the next big hit. There have been impressive OPs throughout 2022, and here are some of the best.

Beast Tamer Explores the Importance of Found Family

Starting with some of the smaller anime on this list, Beast Tamer might be the sleeper of the year. The series follows a beast tamer named Rein who is kicked out of a party of heroes after the party deems him unnecessary. When he was trying to become an adventurer on his own, he met a cat spirit named Kanade, who he joined he. The series' OP kicked off this season with MADKID's Change the World playing in the background, with Rein fighting alongside his Ultimate Species team. It's a well-crafted tune, paired with action-packed visuals that keep fans engaged in this high-stakes action-fantasy series, but it's the underlying themes that make it all the more impressive.

One of the pivotal moments in the series' first opening scene is when the Beast Tamer's reins escape from hands trying to pull him underwater, which may have something to do with his dark past. The team of brave men who had originally avoided him flashed by and dragged him into the water, surrounded by gloomy colors. However, things brightened when he first met Kanade. From there, the visuals and music get brighter and more hopeful. This is a wonderful way to highlight the importance of family. Rein was a character of incredible strength that was overlooked by the Brave Squad, but when he found Kanaru and the others, they saw his potential. It's a glorious moment, and it teaches an important lesson in the friends you make Your journey feels more like a family to you than society expects you to accept.

Pop Team Epic Season 2 Embraces Its Absurdity

Pop Team Epic is back with some sillier content for a second season after its animated debut in 2018. Each episode of this short series features various sketches, following the surreal misadventures of the main characters, Popuko and Pipimi. To say this new opening perfectly represents the main thrust of the anime would be an understatement, as it brings the show's abstract humor to an 11. It's simple enough by showing the main characters walking around as Popuko travels. Suddenly, another version of the duo moves on, while substitutes Popuko and Pipimi stay where they are. This happens over and over until there are multiple versions of the duet that spiral...and that's just the first 45 seconds.

The remainder of this opening is devoted to some of the most surreal anime of any anime. Not only is the spiral formed by hundreds of Popuko and Pipimis dizzying, but inside is another version of the character in a continuous walking loop. However, their model keeps being broken They leave smudges behind them, stretch their limbs, and even turn into squares for a short time. It's a non-stop ridiculous opening...that sums up the Pop Team Epic perfectly. No base theme is required. It just reminds viewers that the series they're about to see is surreal, and that's all it takes to get fans ready for Popuko and Pipimi's adventures.

Spy x Family's First Opening Pays Homage to Classic Spy Movies

Spy x Family is one of the most popular works of 2022 for anime fans. Not only has Spy x Family delivered some of the internet's most parody-worthy moments, but it also focuses on one of the most endearing anime families to date: The Forgers. Of course, the family itself is fictional so Loid Forger can move closer to his goals to prevent a major conflict, but as the series progresses, their love for each other becomes more real. Yor Forger proved to be a gift as both an assassin and a mother, and Anya's endearing antics made her one of this year's most beloved characters. The love put into this series is only underscored in its first opening.

While the Season 1 Part 2 OP also received critical acclaim for being more focused on Anya and Yor, it was the first opening with the most visual creativity. The simple design of most of the characters is an excellent nod to the style of classic spy movies like James Bond. There's no need to go into too much detail, as the style has fans thinking it's going to be a spy story with a cute cast. It also applies to the universe, as it centers on Anya Forger, which can be interpreted as her vision of her situation, as she imagines it in the opening scene of her own spy movie. It's a well-crafted opening that captivates viewers with style and flair, and it's already guaranteed a second season and film.

Chainsaw Man's OP is a Cinephile's Dream

Of all the opening sequences this year, none were more unbelievable than Saw's. Premiering in October to critical acclaim from fans around the world, Saw became one of the biggest shows of the fall thanks to its over-the-top violence, lovable characters, and well-crafted overall story. However, it was the opening line that garnered a lot of attention after the premiere of the first episode. Kenshi Yonezu's opening track is an earworm, as it perfectly captures the adrenaline-pumping chaos of the world of Chainsaw Man. It also plays nicely with images that highlight the show's violent nature and tongue-in-cheek humor.

However, the most impressive part of the opening scene is Saw's clever homage to the classic film. Many movie buffs pointed out how the OP showcased countless iconic scenes from different genres, including The Big Lebowski, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jacob's Ladder, and even Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. In fact, adding so many clever references to an already great OP just gives it more personality than ever, making it stand out from the competition. Chainsaw Man has undoubtedly the best opening of any anime this year, but this is a big game with all the incredible work fighting for the title.

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