The 10 Best Quotes From A Strange World

Strange World is filled with great quotes and supporting characters from The Clades, cementing it as an underrated Disney film.

Disney's latest animated film, Oddworld, hits theaters at the end of November. In it, their world is on the brink of collapse unless the Clades can save their precious resource, the Pando. During their expedition, they encounter strange-looking creatures and infiltrate a family drama, an exciting story. The film is full of sweet words and leaves the audience expecting more. Although humorous throughout, the words said leave different meanings for the characters and the audience. They talk about following their dreams, being who they really are, and the truth about their legacy.

"It's So Cute. I Want To Merchandise It."


When Ethan takes Splat on an adventure, Caspian thinks he's cute. He quickly came up with a business plan to profit from Splat by making merch related to him. He believes that anything can be a deal, even an odd looking blue blob.

Disney has launched the Splat plush toy on its shopDisney website. Disney is known for creating the best animal companions of all time, but Splat was more than just a companion, he led their expedition to victory. Caspian's businessman mentality comes into play the moment he sees Splat, and he's quick to make the audience laugh with a joke.

"He Didn't Care About Me, He Only Cared About Climbing Those Mountains."

Searcher Clade

The only thing Jaeger wants to do is climb those mountains. Although Jaeger would take Searcher on an adventure, Searcher didn't fulfill his father's dream. He returned to Avalonia with the discovery of Pando, which in turn changed their paths.

An underrated Disney movie, "Oddworld" didn't do well at the box office, according to Variety, but it offers a lesson about family legacy. The relationship between Jaeger and Searcher has been strained, a relationship that in 25 years has become non-existent. Searcher always felt that Jaeger's adventures were secondary, especially when Searcher went home and he moved on.

"I'd Like To Exercise My Right To Look At You Uncomfortably."

Meridian Clade

Meridian and Ethan's relationship is as close as Ethan allows. Ethan hates her showing affection, but it's out of love anyway. She mentions that their relationship is due to her coming out of her and giving her the right to do whatever she pleases. They have their boundaries, but those boundaries can only be pushed so far.

As a mother, she feels that she has the right to decide what they can do, such as looking at Ethan uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable, but it's okay to stare a little out of love. That's great Seeing a mother and son bond so close, they are almost best friends. Ethan may not tell her everything, but his mother is there for him no matter what happens.

"This Clade Is Not An Explorer. This Clade Is A Farmer."

Searcher Clade

The offshoot family is known as the Adventurer House due to the notorious hunters. Searcher's childhood was filled with adventure, but his true calling was to make a difference, not spend his life competing with his father. When Searcher discovers Pando, his life changes for the better.

As a farmer, he created for himself an inheritance that was no longer associated with his father. Moving away from his father's explorer name made him truly who he was meant to be. He wanted to create a legacy his son could be proud of, but also put family first. Although he could never get rid of his last name, he created his own legacy.

"Our Entire World Is In Grave Danger. I Want You To Come With Me On An Expedition."

Callisto Mal

In this recent adventure film, Callisto enlists the Searcher's help in figuring out how to save the Pando from extinction. Expeditions involve trekking dangerously through the unknown, but it's all about Avalonia. No one is certified to assist During the expedition, she went to Fangzheng.

At first, Searcher refuses, as he admits he is a farmer, not an adventurer. Callisto convinces him to join after realizing that he may be the only scientist who can solve the problem. While it's not really the end of the world, losing Pando is a huge setback. The thought of exploring terrifies Searcher, but he knows he has no choice.

"Everyone Thinks Jaeger Clade Is This Amazing Hero But That's Only Because They Didn't Have Him As A Father."

Searcher Clade

People tend to see different aspects of a person based on their relationship to them. To Searcher, he sees Jaeger as his father, who is unloving and seems more concerned with adventure than family. In his eyes, what he saw was not a great hero, but a father who didn't care about him.

The film's theme is described as putting family first, unlike Jaeger in the beginning. Whenever Searcher thinks of his father, he bows his head sadly. All his father cared about was being a hero and never put family first. Yeager expects too much from his son, leading their relationship to despair.

"They're Basically The Same Person."

Ethan Clade

As one of Disney's father and son stories, no matter which path Searcher and Jaeger take, They will always be father and son. They have been separated for years, but they have become more and more like each other in ways they never expected. As leaders, they have an obligation to care for the community, but as family, they learn to accept each other.

Despite Searcher's best efforts not to be like his father, he can't control his behavior. Sometimes, they scratch at the same place at the same time, or even strike the same pose. After accepting each other, their relationship is stronger than ever.

"You Gave Me A Machete For My Birthday."

Searcher Clade

When Jaeger and Searcher find each other in strange worlds, viewers get a glimpse into their past through flashbacks. Although it took Jaeger a little while to believe that Searcher was his son, once he did, they caught up with the story. One story is that Jaeger gave Searcher a machete for his second birthday.

This passage perfectly illustrates Jaeger's role as a father. Jaeger himself even agrees that this would be the perfect gift for his son, no matter the age. He's always needed to take risks and find new territories, and that includes taking his son with him. the only problem Because this gift is dangerous and unacceptable to a two-year-old child.

"My Legacy Isn't These Mountains. It's You."

Jaeger Clade

At the end of the film, Jaeger discovers his mistake. His real destiny wasn't to see what was behind those mountains, but his only son, Searcher. Their difficult pasts lead them through their differences to forge a new relationship that the entire community wants to be a part of.

This line is guaranteed to bring the audience to tears. They all follow their legacy in their own way, but they learn that they shouldn't be selfish. They should accept each other for their own sake and help each other realize those dreams. The legacy isn't necessarily what they did, but the family they had.

"Pando is Dying, Searcher. You And I Have An Obligation To Save It."

Callisto Mal

The energy from the Pando is weakening, causing panic throughout Avalonia. While Searcher doesn't want to take further risks, he knows he has an obligation to save Pando for his people. Everyone relies on it all the time, so they have no choice.

For Searcher, the journey was both new and exciting, but also particularly terrifying. It's hard to say no to Callisto when Avalonia needs it, especially when he For Avalonia, is expected to join the expedition to explore the question. Even though there may be no solution, the obligation to find out the cause is mandatory.

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