Stephen Amell responds to his Arrowverse return with the perfect Flash GIF

Arrow star Stephen Amell responded to his return to the Arrowverse in The Flash season 9 with two posts honoring his friendship with Grant Gustin.

Stephen Amell replies to his return to the Arrowverse in The Flash season 9 with the perfect GIF as he reprises his role as Arrow. After nearly a decade as Barry Allen, Grant Gustin is wrapping up The Flash. The CW is officially wrapping up its Arrowverse spinoff, with the upcoming ninth season premiering on February 8. Unlike previous seasons, The Flash's swansong season will only have 13 episodes, bringing the series to a close at 184. The Flash officially becomes the longest-running Arrowverse series after Season 8, and will run on This ranking continues after season 9.

As the final season of the CW series, The Flash season 9 is hosting multiple Arrowverse reunions. One of these includes Amer as Arrow, returning to the Arrowverse for the first time since the Arrow 2020 series finale. While social media has apparently been sharing their reactions, Amell broke the silence with a perfect GIF response. "Of course I'll be back," the Arrowverse star tweeted, including a GIF of Oliver embracing Gustin's Barry at one of the early crossover events. Amell also shared his sweet behind-the-scenes image and Check out Gustin's Instagram post below:

Other Arrowverse Returns In The Flash Season 9

Amell's Oliver Queen will appear in The Flash season 9, episode 9, directed by Caitlin Snow actor Danielle Panabaker. However, Arrow's lead isn't the only Arrowverse alumnus to stop by Canterlot in the final season. Just a day before Amell's announcement, The CW revealed that a trio of Arrowverse veterans would appear in season 9 of The Flash. Episode 9 will also feature Kid Flash, John Diggle and Bloodwork, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, David Ramsey and Sendhil Ramamurthy, respectively. The return of Amell and Ramaurthy in The Flash season 9 was teased in the 2022 Earth-Prime tie-in comic book.

Other Arrowverse cast members from various shows will also appear in the final season. Batwoman star Javicia Leslie will have a dual role in The Flash season 9, returning as Ryan Wilder and yet another rendition of the character. Although only known by The CW as "Mystery," Leslie is playing a new version of the DC Comics villain, the Red Death. Supergirl's Dreamer, played by Nicole Maines, will appear in a single episode, alongside Iris West-Allen.

Whether other Arrowverse It remains to be seen where the character will appear in The Flash season 9. However, with The Flash being the last Earth-Prime show in the series, season 9 is definitely the time to end those stops. Although Superman & Lois takes place in the Arrowverse, it exists on a separate Earth, not Earth-Prime. Considering how interested fans are in seeing Amell appear in The Flash season 9, it's nice to see a desperate wish come true. With the season 9 premiere of The Flash looming, the first glimpse of Amell's massive return to the Arrowverse could come soon. Time will tell if The Flash will herald Oliver's return when season 9 kicks off.

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