Star Wars' New Dark Side Force Could Explain How Sith Hid the Jedi

Star Wars just introduced a new force, and it's likely to reveal how Palpatine learned to hide from the Jedi in the Temple.

Star Wars introduced a new dark side force that could explain how the Sith managed to elude the Jedi. "The dark side of the Force is the gateway to many abilities that some would consider unnatural," Palpatine insists in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, a line of dialogue that would eventually be used to Explaining his resurrection in the sequel. Many of these forces involve coercion, manipulation, and deception—because treachery is the Sith way of doing things.

There are many dark side cults in the galaxy, and the Sith are always on the lookout for all their secrets. Back before the Rule of Two, when the Sith were plentiful, they sent so-called "Dark Seekers" across the galaxy to learn new powers and eliminate potential opponents. For example, these Sith actually battled the Night Sisters of Dathomir, coveting their magic - suggesting that Palpatine made sure they were wiped out after the Empire was established. Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The High Republic transmedia initiative has just introduced another group with powers the Sith are sure to crave to master.

The Brothers Of The Ninth Door Possessed Dark Side Illusion-Casting

George Mann's The Battle of Jedha is set 350 years ago Events that took place on the planet Jada in the prequel trilogy (previously featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). Jedha is a melting pot of Force worship, light and dark, where countless different traditions make pilgrimages and meditate at its shrines—including the Jedi themselves. A dark side sect, the Brotherhood of the Ninth Gate, possesses an unusual power. They learn how to cast illusions around themselves and make others see them differently. This new dark side power is very useful, as it means that the Brotherhood of the Ninth Door can operate in full view without being recognized. Even the Jedi mind is not immune.

This new force appears to be psychic in nature, including hacking into another person's mind; robots and recording devices cannot be fooled. The spiritual aspect of this power makes it especially impressive, as the Brothers of the Ninth Door seem to be able to weave their hallucinations into the minds of even accomplished Jedi Masters with little effort. It feels similar to the Force magic used by the Night Sisters of Dathomir in that it probably doesn't require effort to maintain it - allowing the brothers to Perform tasks in disguise.

The Sith Would Have Coveted The Brothers' Force Power

The Sith will covet this power, especially since the Law of Two has redefined the Sith Codex. The Baneite Sith operate in the shadows, concealing their actions from the Jedi, and even being able to trick the Jedi's Force illusions can be very useful indeed. This power is especially useful when training new Sith apprentices; they need to prove themselves by killing Jedi, removing kyber crystals from their lightsabers, and bleeding them to turn them red. This tradition makes it easy to unmask the Sith, but the Masters can spy on their apprentices from the shadows and kill the Jedi if they are defeated—thus eliminating any witnesses.

It is impossible to say whether the Sith actually learned the Force technology demonstrated by the Ninth Brothers. If they did, though, they might be a step closer to masterminding Palpatine's use of Force concealment -- a force so powerful that the Dark Lord could use it in the Jedi Temple without being blocked. Find. Star Wars may well just hint at the history of this remarkable Sith force.

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