Star Wars gives dark reason for Empire to replace clones

While Bad Batch season one helped explain why the Empire was replacing the clones, season two revealed a dark new reason in its premiere.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Bad Batch episodes 1 & 2

^ Star Wars just provided a dark new reason why the Empire replaced the Republic's clone army with humans recruited from across the galaxy. Bad Batch season 1 kicked off the transition of clones to stormtroopers, providing an important explanation for the change in the military. However, the season 2 premiere episode of Bad Batch reveals a disturbing reason why stormtroopers are a better fit for the new galactic order.

After Order 66 had served their purpose, the clones were eventually abandoned in favor of loyal and more valuable enlisted stormtroopers. This decision was made by Vice Admiral Rampat of the Imperial Navy, who led Project Warmantle, and was supported by High Moff Tarkin. While clones still make up the majority of the Imperial military in this transitional age of the galaxy, stormtroopers are being actively recruited to take their place, ironically being trained by the clones themselves. Likewise, Rampar demonstrates why the Emperor himself might prefer humans to clones.

As seen in The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 2, Clone Captain Wilco reports that Clone Trooper 99 is alive, which contradicts previous reports that they bombed Tipoca on Kamino City was killed. bad batch After they escaped after attempting to raid Count Dooku's fortress in Serenno, Vice Admiral Rampat pointed out that Wilco's report needed to be rewritten without mentioning the survival of the rogue squad lest he face Tarkin's as a result of. For refusing to falsify the report, Wilco was shot by Rampart, thus protecting the Vice Admiral's reputation and career within the Empire.

Clones Wouldn't Bend To The Empire's Corruption

Thus, this tragic alternation proves that clones will never work for long in the Empire's corrupt system. Genetically created to obey orders and serve the Republic's transformed Empire, it makes sense that there would be tension between clones and military officers trying to gain power by any means necessary (regardless of protocol). Conscripted stormtroopers, by contrast, will remain loyal while being more willing to look the other way in the face of corruption, hoping to keep their jobs, fearing the consequences, and possibly keeping their chances of advancement alive.

Given Emperor Palpatine's status as Lord of the Sith, his power comes from the dark side of the Force. Therefore, perpetuating a corrupt system and military machine is in everyone's eyes very much in their favor. Create a system that encourages those under him to take action Out of greed, fear, ruthless ambition and hunger for power, the Emperor was given greater power as it all fueled the dark side.

Why Palpatine Wanted The Empire's Soldiers To Be Corrupt

In this way, the Empire has kept the galaxy captivated by the dark side for years, and replacing the military with more corrupt officers and soldiers is a crucial first step. Clones and their suppression chips were instrumental in the birth of the Empire, namely Order 66 and the Jedi Purge. However, The Bad Batch has proven they'll never work long in the new Imperial regime that took over the Star Wars galaxy with little opposition for nearly two decades before A New Hope.

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