Star Wars: Galaxies Showcases How Epic The Clone Wars Game Is

The Star Wars: Scramble for the Galaxy mod for the realistic FPS game Squad shows how great a dedicated Clone Wars game can be in the right hands.

The Clone Wars was a huge turning point in galactic history in the Star Wars universe, and many have long been clamoring for a Clone Wars-specific FPS - Star Wars: Struggle for the Galaxy primarily delivers on that. While The Clone Wars has featured in games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, it hasn't been the sole focus of many games. However, creative mods for Steam's favorite Squad have changed that with Scramble for the Galaxy.

Published by Offworld Industries in 2020, Squad is a clever FPS that lets players fight in realistic combat scenarios. Squad expands on the Armed Forces, emphasizing communication between players to encourage team-based tactics. The end result is an authentic experience for players, which can be further enhanced with mods.

Star Wars: Galactic Contention Brings Star Wars' Clone Wars To Life

First released to the Steam Workshop in 2021 and updated regularly, Star Wars Galactica brings the Star Wars universe to the squad in stunning detail. Several videos by YouTuber The Humbled Son showcase the impressive work the team has done to bring the Clone Wars to life with this mod. With more than 15 maps, more than 150 unit types and more than 15 factions, including different sub-factions, players Choose to fight as clone troopers or battle droids in many familiar Star Wars locations.

Amazing Details In Galactic Contention Show How A Clone Wars Game Would Work

Ever since the Clone Wars animated series first aired and breathed new life into the image of the clone troopers, players of Star Wars FPS games have wanted to step onto that battlefield for themselves. The series showcases the true scale of the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance in the heat of battle. The closest players have come to replicating it was 2005's Star Wars: Commandos of the Republic, which focused on a small squad of elite clone troopers.

Star Wars: Galaxies does a great job of showing just how cool the Clone Wars first-person shooter can be. With several new Star Wars games in development, including Respawn's first-person shooter, there's hope to set one in this pivotal conflict. Ideally, the game would allow players to immerse themselves in battles against larger battalions, rather than smaller squads like Delta Squad in Star Wars: Republic Commandos.

The scale of this conflict has not been properly depicted in a Star Wars game. This is Star Wars: Galaxy Contention management, Squad manages to accommodate 50+ players on some of its larger maps. Adding to the experience is the squad commander feature, which puts players in the role of squad leader to maximize their tactics, which perfectly mirrors the relationship between clone commanders and their Jedi generals in a full-fledged game .

Since Star Wars: Commandos of the Republic, fans have had to grapple with The Clone Wars, which are only available in series such as Star Wars Battlefront, mods for other games, or fan-made projects such as 2021 Briefly mentioned in The Clone Wars-inspired Star Wars Redemption). The team behind Star Wars: Galaxies has managed to create an amazing mod that turns Squad into a whole new game: an epic Star Wars Clone Wars Simulator.

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