Star Trek 4's Potential Jaylah Return Addressed by Beyond Cast

Sofia Boutella is discussing the potential return of Jaylah in Star Trek 4, and the Beyond actor has an idea of ​​where she wants to take the character.

As the sequel continues to languish in development hell, Sofia Boutella has addressed the potential return of Jaylah for Star Trek 4. Boutella made her debut in Star Trek Beyond as Jaylah, an alien scavenger trapped on the unknown planet of Altamid from the evil alien Krall played by Idris Elba. Despite being considered a box office underperformer at the time of its release, Star Trek Beyond's critical and modest financial success has many looking forward to a follow-up shortly thereafter, despite creative differences, scheduling conflicts and contract negotiations. , "Star Trek 4" continues to discontinue Paramount's case file.

During an appearance at a recent Steel City Con (via Fandom Spotlite), a fan asked Sofia Boutella what she thought of a possible Star Trek 4 Jaylah. The Star Trek Beyond star was enthusiastic about the prospect of a return, and even floated the idea of ​​what she'd like to see her character do next in the sci-fi action franchise. See what Boutella had to say and her deception in the video below:

I would love to see her evolve with all of the guys and with everybody. I would love to go back to her. I love her a lot. I enjoyed that experience so much. I would do it in a heartbeat. I don't know if they're making a fourth one. I hear things all the time, but I don't know what's happening.

Will The Kelvin Timeline's Star Trek 4 Ever Get Made?

Nearly seven years after the release of Star Trek Beyond, many viewers still wonder about Star Trek 4 set in the Kelvin timeline will it be forever Made at Paramount. The film has had its ups and downs at the studio over the years, with future Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Thrones creators J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay co-writing the script and future Madame Web filmmaker S.J. Clarkson At the helm, both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are set to return. The studio also began development on several Star Trek projects that were loosely related to J.J. Abrams' Kelvin timeline, including that of Fargo creator Noah Hawley and Quentin Tarantino's potential R-rated script.

A true Star Trek 4 finally seemed to be a hit in mid-201, as Tomb Raider co-writers Geneva Robertson-DeWollette and Lindsay Beale wrote the script, and WandaVision's Matt Shaw wrote the script. Kerman directs. After bringing in Avatar: Ways of Water's Josh Friedman and WandaVision alum Cameron Squyres to rewrite the script, Shackman would eventually leave the project last August as he was brought back to the comics. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at the helm of the Fantastic Four movie reboot, set for a February 2025 release. Paramount then dropped Star Trek 4 from December 2023 release date to The studio set out to find a new director for the project, and hasn't provided any promising updates for months since.

While all three of Kelvin's films proved critical and somewhat commercially successful, the question is whether Star Trek 4 remains a priority for Paramount, or whether the studio will eventually abandon the project. project. Given the continued success of their various Star Trek shows on Paramount+, the studio may finally decide that sticking with the franchise with its TV roots is the best path forward, rather than attempting another big-screen adventure. However, with multiple projects still in development hell and the Star Wars franchise similarly in limbo regarding its theatrical future, Paramount may be looking to take advantage of theater's lack of major space properties while they still can.

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