[SPOILER] Is it really dead in Treason Season 1?

Treason season 1 includes a shocking moment that kills off a main cast member, but is [SPOILER] really dead? Or will they return for season 2?

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Treason season 1!

^ There was a shocking death in Treason season 1, but did Charlie Cox's Adam really die in the finale? The Netflix limited series brings former Daredevil star Charlie Cox back to the streaming service in a very different role. Cox plays Adam Lawrence, a high-ranking member of MI6 who quickly rises through the ranks after his boss is assassinated and suddenly becomes the new chief. However, Treason season 1 proved just how dangerous this position can be for Adam, especially when he becomes the focus of a hunt for an MI6 Russian double agent.

Charlie Cox's Adam Lawrence was in a precarious position throughout Treason season 1, but so were the rest of his family, Kara (Olga Kurylenko) and others. Viewers watched as Martin Angelis (Cyran Hinds) nearly died while others involved in the Russian scheme died in the Treason season 1 finale. The CIA believes Adam is a double agent, and Angelis' manipulation of Dede Alexander (Tracy Fejor) puts him in repeated crosshairs. With Charlie Cox's character at the center of the show, most viewers probably thought that no matter how much danger he encountered, Adam would never die face.

There is no doubt that Charlie Cox's Adam did die in the season 1 finale of Treason. Shocking events take place after Dede subdues Adam as he, Kara and Maddy (Oona Chaplin) attempt to escape to safety after obtaining Angelis' incriminating documents. Dede tries to beg Maddy to hand over the papers and Kara in exchange for her husband, and ultimately succeeds. But when Dede pointed his gun at Maddy, Adam jumped to protect his wife. In one stunning moment, Adam dies in the treasonous finale.

Charlie Cox’s Adam Dies In Treason Season 1

While the 2022 Netflix original series may leave some mystery about Adam's fate (in case Treason season 2 happens), the show makes it clear to viewers that he is dead. Adam's body lay on the ground, shot in the chest, bleeding profusely. Treason's decision to keep the camera on the lifeless body of Charlie Cox's character confirms that Adam is dead. It eliminates any possible way for the show to offer another unforeseen twist where he survives.

Since Adam died after Treason Season 1, it appears Charlie Cox will not be returning A second season, if that happens. According to interviews before and after the show's release, Cox knew that was the plan from the start. He told Digital Spy that Adam was always destined to die in such surprising ways. Cox is a bit disappointed he won't be returning as Adam in Treason Season 2, as he thoroughly enjoyed his time working on the show. Of course, that could change if the series develops a way to incorporate Charlie Cox either through flashbacks or by telling prequel stories next.

Will Charlie Cox Return For Treason Season 2?

While certainly interested in seeing Charlie Cox return for Treason Season 2, he may be too busy to make it happen. The actor is now fully embedded in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and has had multiple appearances to reprise his role as Daredevil. Thanks to the 18 episodes of Daredevil: Rebirth, Cox will be spending most of his time working with Marvel in the near future. So, unless Treason season 2 takes a long time to develop, it's likely that Charlie Cox won't be able to return, which could be another reason for Adam's death.

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