Sister Wives: How Janelle, Christine, and Maddie Killed It With Plexus

Followers of the Sister Wives are impressed with Janelle, Christine and Maddie Brown on Plexus as they aim to achieve financial stability.

Despite Janelle, Christine and Maddie Brown's involvement in a pyramid scheme, Sister Wives fans have been impressed by their efforts to stay financially stable. Kody Brown's wives recently announced they were leaving him to find better ranches. With a new sense of freedom comes new bills to pay, but Janelle and Christine seem to have that covered.

Kristen announced back in November 2021 that she could no longer remain married to Cody. After 25 years of marriage, the mother of six decided to leave and move back to Utah. Just a year later, Janelle followed suit, announcing at the Sister Wives reunion that she and Cody had separated. The reason for their split stemmed from Cody's strict COVID-19 rules, which strained his relationship with the entire family. In the end, Janelle chose her children over her spouse.

The Sister Wives Stars Are Top Sellers

Maddie, Janelle, and Christine were all top VIP customers registered through Plexus between November 27th and December 3rd. Between December 4 and December 10, the trio hit the target again. Each member of Cody's family has its own ranking. Janelle and Maddie are in diamond status, via Plexus is a real achievement and the highest level they can attain, as diamonds are the pinnacle of the "Jewelry Leadership Group". Christine has been promoted to Sapphire, the second highest position in Plexus. But it's fair to assume that Kristen isn't far off earning the Diamond title.

The Sister Wives Are Working Their Way Up

In addition to getting tons of people to sign up for Plexus through them, Christine, Janelle and Maddie also managed to land a top commercial building bonus. This bonus is only available to eligible Brand Ambassadors and can be earned weekly. All three women have qualified consistently over the past few weeks, showing Sister Wives fans that they really work hard. A Plexus diamond endorser can earn up to $55,000 early on, so the ladies are doing just fine on their own.

Despite the hard work of the Sister Wives star, Plexus has come under fire several times for being a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing company. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning letter to the company, as the FTC aims to protect the rights of consumers. According to Forbes, the committee noted that "representatives on social media said the product They sell drugs that can treat or prevent coronavirus. Fans are constantly bombarded with posts from Janelle, Christine, and Maddie about "pink drinks" and "secrets to self-care products." While most seem to understand that these miracle elixirs don't really work, it's clear that These three women still do a great job convincing some people to join their cause.

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