Siesta Key Calls Kelsey's Shadowy Farewell Montage

Siesta Key fans praised the series for the somber farewell montage they created for Kelsey Owens, mostly of her ex-boyfriend.

Siesta Key played a farewell clip of Kelsey Owen's final episode, but fans thought the clip they chose was intentionally dark. Kelsey only appeared in the second half of Nap Keys: Miami Action and announced in August that she was unexpectedly fired from the series when she arrived to film what would be her last scene on the series. It's unclear exactly what happened as some of the cast members claimed she wasn't actually fired, but before Kelsey's final episode aired, she warned fans on Instagram that the show would make her look like She chooses to leave.

The show aired a montage after Kelsey's Siesta Key exited, and fans thought they could have included some of her better moments from the series. "Kelsey's farewell montage was hilarious," wrote Reddit user ombregenes902. "They were just playing emotional music while showing her cheating on multiple boyfriends over the years lmfao." Fans noticed the montage included several clips of Kelsey and her ex-boyfriend Garrett Miller, including when When he found out she was cheating on him. Fans hope the montage will show Kelsey's emotional journey with her mother's MS, including the charity work she's done for her.

Siesta Key Fans Wish Kelsey's Montage Had Happier Moments

The Siesta Key video also features Kelsey's many fights on the show, such as with Juliet Potter and Chloe Iran. "My jaw dropped to the floor. I can't believe the producers treated her like that. I've never seen a farewell montage like this in my life," wrote one fan. One fan said they were surprised they didn't include the season of Siesta Key 4a when Juliet hit her in a bar while on vacation in the tropics. Another fan suggested that maybe MTV was mad at Kelsey for calling them out with an Instagram post after she was fired, so they purposely put together a montage to make her look bad.

Kelsey's montage certainly has many interesting options. However, Kelsey was involved in a lot of drama on Siesta Key, and some of her most memorable moments were the fights she got involved in. Her feud with Cara Geswelli is one of the series' most bitter feuds, so it makes sense that the editor included one of their arguments in the montage. Her relationship with Garrett is also crucial and cannot be ruled out. Still, there's a lot of joy Moments that could have gone into the montage but didn't.

Fortunately, there are lighter sequences, such as when Kelsey and Juliet move in together after their feud over Alex Composecras ends. Finally, the video shows her current relationship with Max Strong, whom she seems very happy with. Fans may have been distracted by all the bad shots in the montage, but they seem to have missed some happier Kelsey Siesta key moments.

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Siesta Key Miami Moves airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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