Seriously, what's up with Stu's name on the subway poster for Scream 6? !

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that Stu Macher's name is prominently featured on Scream VI's poster, but is Matthew Lillard's Scream villain really back?

The Scream VI poster features Stu Macher's name emblazoned on a dot on the subway map, which may contain a subtle clue that his character has a role in the Scream sequel. Horror fans have debated Sturmach's fate endlessly for decades. According to "Scream" writer Kevin Williamson, Stu ultimately died at the end of "Scream" due to multiple stab wounds to the head by Sidney Prescott. Get hit by the TV. However, that hasn't stopped the Scream fanbase from speculating about his fate.

Now, the creators of Scream VI are adding in the fun by hiding a subtle nod to a popular fan theory that Stu will return to the series in the first poster for the Scream sequel. Scream VI moved the action to New York City, with a poster depicting a subway map with each stop bearing the name of one of Ghostface's victims. It's worth noting, however, that Stu's dots are a slightly different color than the others, leading to more discussion about the character not actually dying. What's unclear is whether the poster is hinting at something, or if the creators are just playing fans.

Stu's Dot On The Scream 6 Subway Poster Is A Different Color

Scream VI The sequel will bring back Hayden Panettiere's Kirby Reed, with Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott out due to a pay dispute with the series' star. Matthew Lillard could return as Stu in Scream VI, though Sidney's absence could ruin the classic cameo. Stu Macher's dots are a different color on the Scream VI poster, which could be read as a tacit acknowledgment that Stu has been in jail or hiding all these years, but the twist would have been better if Sidney (the character Stu spent most of his time with) screen interaction) is still part of the sequel.

How Stu Can Still Be Involved In Scream 6 Even If He's Dead

If Stu died (as Williamson insists), he may still be the driving force behind the killing. After all, Skeet Ulrich returned as Billy Loomis in Scream 2022, though his character eventually died at the end of the original Scream because he was the sequel heroine. Sam Carpenter's secret father. Scream VI made things easier for Ghostface by placing the villain in the heart of a big city so Stu Macher's relatives could hunt down the movie's hero more anonymously than anyone else Woodsboro can afford it.

However, Scream VI may not end up using this twist, as Scream 2022 has already adopted a variation of this idea. In that sequel, Kyle Gallner's underused red herring Vince is revealed to be Stu's nephew during a group discussion of potential suspects. Since Vince died early and without much fanfare, it seems unlikely that Scream VI will repeat this twist verbatim, which means that either the Scream sequel is planning to bring Stu himself back to life, or the poster may just be Upsetting the audience and their expectations.

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