Saw Man Revolutionizes Denji's Dreams in Part 2

Part 2 of Chainsaw Man finally reveals what happened to Nayuta, while also revealing that Denji's dreams are nothing like part 1.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #116 of Chainsaw Man AND for Season 2 of the Chainsaw Man anime

^ Chainsaw Man Part 2 finally reveals what happened to Makima's reincarnation Nayuta, and also shows that Denji's dream is completely different from Part 1. poverty and abuse), but now his goal is to actually take care of Nayuta and save enough money to get her a proper education.

Chainsaw Man Part 1 ends with the defeat of Makima. However, the controlling demon reincarnated into a new body, a girl named Nayuta, who was entrusted to Denji by Kijima so that he could raise her as his younger sister to prevent her from becoming similar to her previous life. However, in part 2, Nayuta never shows up (except for a small detail in one panel), and Denji lives his life in the same carefree way as ever, while still attending high school and wielding a chainsaw Human identity to fight demons. However, Denji's usual behavior is now driven by a very different motivation.

Chapter 116 of Chainsaw Man shows Denji finally opening up to Asa Mitaka (who is War Devil's secret master) as the two Some of them are trapped in the aquarium by the power of the eternal demon. Asa asks Denji why he is so obsessed with money, as he collects school hats and other valuables at the aquarium and sells them. Denji reveals that he is for his "little sister" who is smart enough to go to college so he hopes to be able to pay her tuition. This is an unexpectedly generous dream for the always self-centered and most concerned about his own well-being.

This is the first time in the episode that Nayuta's status is actually updated, confirming that she is still living with Denji. This chapter also proves that Denji has changed a lot since the first one. When Asa saw Denji selling recycled cigarettes to homeless people earlier, most fans attributed it to the character's consistent behavior, growing up in utter misery because of his father's debt. gangster. All along, his main goal has been to live a "good life", and this is the basis for his pact with Pochita when Saw Lord resurrects Electroshock and becomes his love interest. However, The existence of Nayuta seems to make Tianci's dream completely different. Because he had such a bad life as a kid, Denji wants Nayuta to grow up as normal as possible, enjoying all the comforts she can get.

Denji's Dream Is No Longer About Himself

Nayuta's influence proves that Makima still haunts Denji's life. However, the obsession and exploitation in their relationship in Part 1 has blossomed into more positive ways. While Denzu is still quite "twisted" by the standards of a shounen manga protagonist, he's no longer entirely egotistical. The simple dream of a good life has been transferred to Nayuta, turning into an altruistic desire to give her a better life. It's proof that the trials he's been through in the past (notably the loss of Aki and Power), as well as the presence of Nayuta in his life, have matured Denji into a very different character in Saw Man Part 2.

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