Pedro Pascal's 10 Best Characters, From Evil to Hero

Pedro Pascal has played heroes and villains in television and film, but his characters are more nuanced and complex.

Be it a lead role on the small screen or a supporting role in films, Pedro Pascal has become one of the most sought-after actors over the past few years and he will start his most anticipated performance in 2023: The Mandalorian Season 3 and the last survivors. He's the star of both series, reprising his most iconic role as Din Djarin, while also playing a fatherly role in the popular video game adaptation.

Although Pascal has played father-like characters in the past (which makes him the perfect Joel), there has always been some nuance in his portrayal of the character. Whether supporting, protagonist or villain, most of Pascal's characters don't always bounce back and forth between pure hero or outright evil. This can be seen in characters like Oberyn Martell or Maxwell Lord, which amply illustrate Pascal's versatility and ability to make them even more complex.

10/10 Dave York (The Equalizer 2)

While Pascal has played many complex villains, Dave York in The Equalizer 2 is the most villainous. Dave was a Defense Intelligence Agency officer close to Denzel Washington's Robert McCall.

Despite working in one of the highest government departments, he did become a Became a mercenary after being abused by the government. Dave has been treacherous in his friendship with Robert, even willing to kill him and Miles for his own gain. As such, Dave never shows any remorse for his actions, making him one of Pascal's most villainous and loathsome characters.

9/10 Jack Daniels/Agent Whiskey (Kingsman: The Golden Circle)

Jack Daniels, aka The Whiskey Agent, is a surprise villain at the end of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, but his villainy is a bit more complicated. Throughout the movie, Agent Whiskey helps Harry and Eggsy get the antidote to save people paralyzed by the toxin.

However, the final scene of the film reveals Agent Whiskey going rogue, wanting to kill people paralyzed by drugs and fighting Harry and Eggsy. He did it out of grief and revenge because the robber who killed his pregnant was also a meth user. So Agent Whiskey as the villain is much more subtle, but his malice still doesn't justify the killing of a large number of innocent people.

8/10 Maxwell Lord (Wonder Woman 1984)

One of Pascal's best film roles, Lord Maxwell is the protagonist's supervillain who wants to use the Dream Stone to grant everyone's wishes. In Wonder Woman 1984, Max uses the Dream Stone to save his Oil companies are saved from bankruptcy, despite the consequences of wishing.

While Max exhibits the typical qualities of a supervillain, he does have a sympathetic story that led him down this path. After enduring poverty as a child, he tried to find ways to make money as the only way for him to be happy. However, when he realizes that his ambition is at the expense of his only son, he eventually corrects the mistake by giving up the stone and admitting his mistake.

7/10 Ezra (Prospect)

In Prospect, Ezra is a prospector who meets Cee and Damon on a spore-infested planet. Ezra started off on the wrong track as the antagonist, trying to take Damon's job and killing him in the ensuing struggle. However, when Damon and Ezra's buddies were killed, Ezra took a different approach when he met Cee.

Given Ezra's vulnerable situation, he attempts to strike a deal with Cee, hoping to gain access to the mercenary's ship and leave Earth. Despite some trouble, Ezra insists on closing the deal with Cee. While Ezra was never a hero in Cee's story, he wasn't an outright monster either, as he is the only person she can trust and ultimately teach her on the road to survival.

6/10 Francisco 'Catfish' Morales (Triple Frontier)

In Triple Frontier, Francisco Morales or "Catfish" joins his ex-Delta Force to steal millions from drug lords. He would do anything for his pals, especially as their pilot.

Since their quest encountered some obstacles along the way, the team made poor and mean decisions that meant hurting villagers while they were stuck, which was reflected on Catfish as well. While ultimately stealing money from a drug lord doesn't necessarily make him a hero, he does have some redeeming qualities when he decides to donate his share of the money to Redfly's family.

5/10 The Mandalorian/Din Djarin (The Mandalorian)

One of the best Star Wars characters, Din Djarin, or The Mandalorian, didn't become a canon hero because his job as a bounty hunter required him to kill cold-blooded outlaws. However, that changed when he encountered Grogu, a Force-sensitive creature.

His first on-screen act of heroism was rescuing Grogu from IG-11, where he took responsibility and took care of the child. Even established a father-son attachment relationship with Grogu, which made Mando more alert About protecting him. As a result, Mando is a different person. His adventures with Grogu made him a more complex hero, and he began to reward his allies and become more open to them.

4/10 Oberyn Martell (Game Of Thrones)

Oberyn Martell only appeared in Game of Thrones season 4, but the moment he appeared on screen, he became an instant fan favorite. Oberyn is the younger brother of Prince Doran. He is strong, open-minded and intelligent, and leads a relaxed and fulfilling life. However, he is compromised by revenge for his sister's death.

However, Oberyn is one of the more likable characters in Game of Thrones due to his tolerant attitude, even becoming Tyrion Lannister's champion in a trial by combat. Even vengeance can defeat him, though Oberyn does prove his prowess with the spear.

3/10 Javier Peña (Narcos)

One of Pascal's most iconic television roles was as Javier Pena in Narcos, a DEA agent based in Colombia who was tasked with fighting the Medellin and Cali cartels. Javier is charismatic and street smart compared to his partner Steve Murphy, making it easier for him to pick up details from informants and get closer to finding leader of the cartel.

While some of his methods may have been controversial, Javier always had good intentions in stopping cocaine smuggling. He also stood his ground when things didn't go his way and insisted on getting the job done. When the U.S. government turned a blind eye to parts of the cocaine business, Javier chose ethics over corruption. As a result, he jeopardized his career and spoke the truth, highlighting his heroism for doing the right thing.

2/10 Javi Gutierrez (The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent)

In The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Javi Gutierrez is a billionaire who invites and pays his favorite actor, Nicolas Cage, to his birthday party. Throughout the film, Javi is a questionable character with possible unexplained ties to the cartel -- and possibly even the leader.

Despite his initial mistrust of Javi, he has always been pure in heart and only wanted to make movies with his idols, never getting involved in a cartel or family business. Even after feeling betrayed by Nicolas Cage, he easily forgave him and helped him hand over his cousin to the CIA. Despite misconceptions about Javi in ​​his early years, he was always generous to Nicolas and showed There are also heroic qualities such as kindness and integrity.

1/10 Marcus Moreno (We Can Be Heroes)

Marcus Moreno is the only one with more heroic qualities in mind than all of Pascal's iconic characters. In the movie "We Could Be Heroes," Marcus was once the former leader of the League of Legends, and he finally retired from the life of a superhero to raise his only daughter, Missy.

A large part of what makes Marcus a hero are the sacrifices he made along the way, including raising his daughter as a single father. As a master swordsman, Marcus's original intention was always to protect people in danger, and when he returned to fight the aliens, his selflessness was even more obvious. Even when he was the last man standing against the aliens, he fought to the end.

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