Pattinson's most iconic lines were even worse in Batman's original script

Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader delivered an immortal line in Batman, but the movie's original script made the scene far less iconic.

Robert Pattinson's most memorable line in "The Batman" would have been much less effective had it been shot as originally scripted. In Batman, Pattinson has enjoyed many standout moments under the direction of Matt Reeves, whether it's plowing through the Penguins' nightclub thugs or leading the citizens of Gotham from the Riddler's flood. Still, there is no moment in The Batman that resonates more strongly with the protagonist than the now-immortal "I want revenge" scene in which Batman beats up a gang and fights in a frenzied, merciless blow. delivered his creepy final message.

The revenge line in Batman becomes more ingrained after it is subtly used as a central part of the trailer. The combination of words and images left no doubt about the type of vigilante Robert Pattinson would play, instantly establishing his Batman as the most brutal live-action film ever made. Batman's "I want revenge" line becomes even more important in the finished film, serving as a shocking exclamation point for Pattinson's grand entrance and emphasizing the extreme violence that Gotham's local criminals endure. Oddly, the scenes that were originally scripted have much less impact.

The Batman's "I'm Vengeance" Line Was Before The Gang Fight (& That's Worse)

In the finished clip, The Clown Gang Batman's leader politely asks Gotham's fledgling Dark Knight, "Did you die?" Pattinson's protagonist then beats the man into aspic before replying, "I'm the Avenger." In the original screenplay by Vance and Peter Craig, the criminal asks his questions, and Batman "stands there for a long, horrific beating," saying "I'm the Avenger," before his fists start flying. This version of the fight scene is far inferior to the version Batman ultimately chose.

In the filmed scene, "I want revenge" is not really Batman's answer to the gangster's question - the beating is. Pattinson's vigilante lets his fists do the talking, then drops the revenge line almost like a parting, knife-twisting verbal shot. Batman star Robert Pattinson has claimed (via Kevin McCarthy) that he wants "I'm the Avenger" to appear like the message he sent when the villain fell into a coma, giving Gotham's bad guys nightmarish memories he's had with Batman encounter. This goal can only be achieved if Pattinson's lines come after a fight.

In Batman's original script, Pattinson would answer the mob's questions before beating him up, displaying a degree of thought and clarity, and even showing Acknowledgment of perpetrators. By punching first and answering questions, Pattinson's Batman comes across as angry, out of control, and showing contempt for his enemies, while pausing to answer questions before starting the action makes Batman appear restrained , restrained, and almost respectful of his opponents.

Why "Vengeance" Was Perfect For Robert Pattinson's Batman

The revenge line in "Batman" is of course a darker twist on the traditional movie joke "I am Batman". This subversion, which sees itself as an emotion rather than a name, speaks to how hurt and angry Pattinson's hero is compared to past big-screen incarnations, defining his entire character. As progressive as the scene is, however, Pattinson's vengeance quote is rooted in Matt Reeves' new depiction of Gotham City in DC history, the same line art used in comic book material and Batman: The Animated Series. Information, despite considerably less bloodthirsty changes.

Not just to create a brooding and menacing atmosphere for the sake of edginess, these traits are subtly integrated into the inexperienced young character portrayed by Bruce Wayne Robert Pattinson. That would still be true if Batman's original script stayed the same, but the impact would inevitably wane. If the purpose of "I am the Avenger" is Showcasing a deranged, uncaring, unwavering Batman, that line works far better at the end of a bat-batter than a witty commentary before a fight begins.

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