Oppenheimer fan-made special imagines Nolan dropping a real nuke

An incredibly well-edited fan-made close-up of Oppenheimer hilariously imagines Christopher Nolan detonating a real nuclear bomb to get the perfect shot.

The fan-made Oppenheimer feature imagined Christopher Nolan dropping an actual nuclear weapon for the film. An upcoming biopic tells the story of the titular theoretical physicist who spearheaded the Manhattan Project and is known as the "father of the atomic bomb." Oppenheimer is one of the most anticipated films of 2023, thanks to its star-studded cast and visionary director Nolan's penchant for anything real, including in his recent Crashing a Boeing 747 into a hanger at an airport in the movie Tenet.

Due to Nolan's proclivity as a filmmaker, fans started joking about him detonating an actual nuclear bomb for Oppenheimer's perfect shot. Now, a fan feature made for the film imagines him doing just that. The fake Oppenheimer feature, shared by CINEVA, takes viewers behind the scenes of Nolan's quest for the perfect shot to drop a real nuke, and it's edited to appear convincingly in Oppenheimer's Blu-ray bonus. That is, if Nolan actually attempted the unthinkable feat. Watch the video below:

Oppenheimer's Nuclear Explosion Recreation Explained

Of course, Nolan didn't actually drop an actual nuke for the upcoming film. For Oppenheimer, however, Nolan did recreate the first nuke Explosion, the Trinity Test in 1945, using real explosives, no CGI was used. This ambitious feat may prove to be the craziest achievement Nolan has achieved in his illustrious career, which is one of the main reasons, aside from Oppenheimer's impressive cast, the upcoming The biopic has consistently topped the list of the most anticipated movies of 2023. It could also prove to be a compelling reason for audiences to watch Oppenheimer in theaters rather than wait for it to go home.

In addition to recreating the first nuclear bomb detonation without CGI, Nolan shot much of Oppenheimer in black and white is a historic feat. The director previously used black and white on his first two films, "The Follower" and "Memento," but "Oppenheimer" marks the first time in history that a large-format film will be shot in monochrome. The feat required the development of a new type of IMAX film so Nolan could shoot parts of Oppenheimer's work in black and white.

Nolan's re-creation of a nuclear explosion without CGI should have given Oppenheimer a certain rawness and a huge impact on the audience. As with Memento, Oppenheimer's use of black and white and color promises to separate the two separate timelines of past and present. nolan often uses Throughout his career, practical effects and black-and-white, he's going all out to bring back both of those trademarks for his upcoming film. When Oppenheimer hits theaters, the result should be another cinematic spectacle.

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