One Weaponized Luffy's Stupidest Quirk

Luffy's latest attack in One Piece takes one of his silliest and most iconic character traits and turns it into a powerful weapon.

Warning! Contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1070!

One Piece's Luffy is one of the silliest protagonists in shonen manga, but he just managed to turn one of his silliest traits into a dangerous weapon. This is perhaps unsurprising, as series writer Eiichiro Oda is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways for Luffy to use his powers in battle. But it's always nice to see Luffy continue to push the limits of his abilities in new and exciting ways.

In Chapter 1070, Luffy uses his awakened Devil Fruit powers to fight his nemesis Rob Lucci in Gear Fifth. He has all sorts of interesting new attacks on Lucci, but one of the silliest attacks is when he opens his mouth wide as if to eat his enemy. Lucci manages to dodge, but Luffy then bumps his cheeks together, spraying the chunk of ground he bit off when he missed the enemy. While this attack isn't too effective in the end, it's still a neat reference to one of Luffy's more comedic character traits.

Luffy's stupidity is a big part of why his character is so popular. he has very Simple needs include a voracious appetite, which often lands him in all sorts of humorous situations. While his hunger is mostly used for comedic effect, it can also intensify certain dramatic moments, such as when he's so hungry Sanji feeds him on Whole Cake Island and when he discovers that the villagers of Wano are starving Time. His comedic qualities also enhance his fighting style, especially after Luffy discovers fifth gear in Wano. This technique allows him to fight as he pleases, which is directly reflected in the ridiculous attacks in the cartoon. The combination of these two comedic traits in his poignant attack for this chapter is stunning.

Luffy's New Attack Is a Natural Extension of His Character

Part of what makes One Piece such a joy to read is how seamlessly its various elements intertwine. The series rewards its fans with attentive attention, and this moment is no exception. If readers were unaware of Luffy's voracious appetite, his biting attacks might just be a silly application of his powers rather than a natural extension of his character. This kind of detail is why fans endlessly dissect every panel of this incredible series.

don't know If Luffy would use this bite attack again, as it doesn't seem to be very effective, and Gear Fifth also enables Luffy to fight in countless other ways. But even if he never revisits it, its awesomeness as a subtle reference to one of his goofy character traits will never diminish. So by weaponizing Luffy's silliest traits, One Piece once again proves why it's one of the best manga ever made.

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