Menu Explained: Why Chefs Want to Kill Everyone

Even though the Chef in "The Menu" may seem like a villain to viewers, there's a reason behind Chef's actions; why would he kill everyone on the menu?

Warning! This article contains major spoilers for The Menu

^ The plot of The Menu revolves around Chef Slowik's desire to kill everyone, including his guests, his kitchen staff, and even himself. The film opens with Margot Mills heading to a fancy restaurant on a private island with her date Tyler and some famous and wealthy celebrities. Founded and run by none other than celebrity chef Julian Slowik, the restaurant has ulterior motives for these guests to dine on a private island that has nothing to do with an exclusive dinner experience.

Throughout the menu, the audience learns more about Chef's plan to kill everyone and why he made this decision. Ralph Fiennes' Chef Slovik is the obvious antagonist on the menu as he orchestrates the deaths of everyone, including the unwitting and innocent protagonist Margot. Julian comes up with an elaborate plan which, as he explains to his guests, will lead to the death of everyone on the island. However, a close study of his story reveals that Chef's motives are far more complex than those of many other villains.

When Chef Slowik introduces his dishes in the menu, the audience and his guests Learn a few things about him. Throughout the film, Julian continually emphasizes the difference between the guests who exploit their work and him and his employees, who are responsible for the physical labor of creating pleasure and entertainment for the few who can afford it. The classism that makes up The Menu's underlying theme may have played a big part in Chef's decisions, but everyone dies at the end of The Menu, regardless of their role or class status.

Why Chef Wants To Kill Himself

In fact, the chef has lost the enthusiasm he once had for his craft. It's evident in the menu that it's no fun feeding people who pretend to know everything about food but can't cook for themselves. Julian is unhappy feeding people who eat his food just because they can afford it, not because they really like it or because they're hungry. Margot's request for a cheeseburger reminds Chef of that passion, which he's lost, and he can't see any reason to live.

As the menu progressed and the threat to the island's guests became apparent, the chef revealed that they would all die of As night fell, he carefully selected his guests. Since The Menu ends with a possible twist, everyone does die, but that's no accident. Guests are people who take advantage of their privilege and the food industry, they either take advantage of people who work like Slowik and his team, like food critic Lillian Bloom, or make the chef lose his passion for cooking because no one can appreciate him The art and craft behind the dishes.

Why Chef Chooses These Customers To Kill Too

Margot is the only one who shouldn't be there: after all, she wasn't hand-picked by Julian, nor was she part of the wealthy few that Chef harbors such a deep hatred for. In stark contrast to the other characters, she doesn't pretend to like the chef's dishes, but instead asks for some food that she'll enjoy, far removed from the cuisine Julian has grown accustomed to. When the menu flips a horrifying trope, Margot is the only one who survives, as she's the one who can still appreciate the chef's cuisine.

The menu is structured, literally, like a menu. each Snippets from the film coincide with specific dishes, from the welcome dish to the final dessert. As such, each course is introduced by Julian in a dramatic monologue, revealing more of the story as the meal progresses. Since one of the dishes has no bread or the idea of ​​representing the island's ecosystem, the menu in the film represents stark differences between classes, hiding the wealth and privileges of these wealthy people who, unlike ordinary people, do not eat for a living or pleasure.

The Menu's Theme Explained

Like real restaurant menus, the menus in the film tell a story that shocks the dinner guests, causing Margot to slap Taylor in the menu, a twist that reveals Taylor to be a villain too. Once again, there's one element that doesn't line up with the rest of the menu: Margot's cheeseburger. Like Margot, cheeseburgers are not part of this world. So the cheeseburger and the margot are the only two that can escape the explosion in the restaurant at the end of the menu that kills the chef and everyone else.

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