MCU's Intelligence can't be done after She-Hulk

She-Hulk seemingly defeated Intelligencencia in the first season of her solo series, but the evil organization is far from over in the MCU.

She-Hulk: The Attorney General's scheming villainous organization, Intelligencecia, is not finished in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after seemingly failing in the season finale. The group, apparently led by Todd Phelps under the guise of the Hulk, may have failed in their ultimate plan to ruin She-Hulk's public image, but their comic book origins suggest there's more to their story than it meets the eye as simple as that. In fact, the group and their secretive supervillain leader may still play a pivotal role in one of the MCU's most exciting new Phase 5 titles.

The Intelligence is a Marvel Comics group made up of the greatest supervillain minds on Earth, including Mister Sinister, Mordoke, Mad Thinker, and several other evil masterminds known for their genius-level intelligence. Their most prominent member, however, is the leader who also founded Intelligencencia in its first iteration. The villainous organization recently made its live-action debut in She-Hulk, without the supervillains that typically make up the group's comic book lineup. However, several key details about She-Hulk's Intelligence set up several major villains for the future of the MCU and the inevitable return of the group in Phase 5 and beyond.

She-Hulk Didn't Show The Intelligencia's Full Power

She-Hulk's Intelligence storyline may have been a bit premature after Todd was revealed to be behind the whole operation, but that's not the whole story. Even though Todd was captured in the She-Hulk finale, he's unlikely to be the lead intelligence officer behind the Intelligence program, but rather a lead singer who could easily be held accountable if their actions were discovered. The group's scientific endeavors necessitated the emergence of a genius-level intellect member, a theory that not only explained how they were able to replicate She-Hulk's blood, but also explained the truth about the leader's fate after the Invincible Hulk, which is completely unexplained. Explored since 2008.

Intelligencia's scientific endeavors are only hinted at in She-Hulk, but any group capable of stealing and replicating the Hulk's blood and turning it into the monster-creating serum is certainly more important than the series portrays. The appearance of the Leader can well illustrate the scientific strength of the Intelligence Agency, and at the same time, it also implies that he has always been the black hand behind this secret organization. And, if Intelligencencia is still operating in the dark, the Leader still has She-Hulk blood, which he may use to threaten Change the world by creating more Hulk characters in the MCU.

How The Intelligencia Could Factor Into New World Order

In one of the most conveniently timed announcements in Marvel Studios and MCU history, it was revealed that Tim Blake Nelson would be returning as the evil leader in the upcoming Captain America: The New World Order, roughly the same time Intelligencia was introduced in She-Hulk . This coincidence likely means that the leader isn't alone in his battle against the new Captain America, and instead, he may indeed have the support of his own army of super-geniuses, a revived intelligence organization. Such a plot would definitely make it harder for Sam Wilson to get Captain America's shield.

The most exciting prospect behind the return of Intelligence under Leader's command is that their combined forces may be too strong for Sam Wilson to take on alone, leading him to once again call a group of heroes. This goes a long way toward winning back fans who were unhappy with Phase 4's lack of team-up movies. Additionally, the presence of Intelligence can serve as an ongoing plot throughout Phase 5, as the MCU The new status quo after Infinity Saga. If all of this turns out to be true, She-Hulk: The Lawyer could be considered one of the most important titles of Phase 4.

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