Marvel proves why Moon Knight is a better vampire hunter than Blade

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics Moon Knight, Mark Spector proved that he has one major advantage over Blade when it comes to vampire slaying.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Moon Knight #18

In the latest Marvel Comics Moon Knight, Mark Spector proves he's just as good (if not better) than Blade. After battling New York's vampires led by Mentor, Moon Knight finally unleashes his endgame against the nocturnal monsters that haunt his city, hoping to corrupt as many humans as possible into their sinister ranks. As a result, Moon Knight exhibits major powers and titles that few other heroes, including Blade, possess.

In Jed MacKay and Federico Sabbatini's new Moon Knight #18, Mr. Knight and Tigra boldly attend a meeting of a mentor, willingly surrounded by hundreds of vampires. Fist of Khonshu pulled out an umbrella and had his allied soldiers ignite the chamber's flamethrower. Reminding the Mentor that he's a priest, Mark blesses the water to incinerate all supernatural enemies, giving Moon Knight an epic advantage in vampire slaying.

Moon Knight Has The Perfect Power For Killing Vampires

While Blade has used holy water against vampires in the past, he cannot create an endless supply of holy water like Moon Knight. Thus, one could argue that Marc Spector's status as a priest puts him at odds with Effective as if you were a vampire's blade. Combined with his ancient Egyptian khopesh sword made of silver, there's good reason Moon Knight is even better than Daywalker at killing vampires.

Given how Brad was appointed sheriff of the United Nations in Dracula's Vampire Nation in Chernobyl, it makes sense that he wasn't there to deal with New York's ongoing vampire wave. That being said, the Mentor is trying to align his actions with Dracula. So it would be pretty cool to see Moon Knight join forces with Blade in the future of the MCU. With the Mentor's empire largely destroyed, Moon Knight is actually instigating Dracula into action in New York.

Regardless, it will be very exciting to see Moon Knight and his midnight quest next. Effectively wiping out New York's vampire population and its key leaders, Moon Knight epically proves his skills as a vampire slayer. At least, he's sure to let Blade run for his money. Moon Knight #18 is out now from Marvel Comics.

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