Marvel debuts brand new team of heroes to take on Kang the Conqueror

In Marvel Comics' new Timeless one-shot, Kang meets his counterpart in the form of the Twilight Court, a group of heroes built to kill the Conqueror themselves.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Timeless (2022) #1

In an all-new Timeless one-shot in the latest issue of Marvel Comics, Kang the Conqueror faces his biggest challenge yet, facing a new cast of heroes who were literally born to destroy him. Searching for a seemingly inaccessible period of time known as the "Missing Moment," which Kang believes is the first step toward a prize that only the ultimate adventurer can claim. However, Kang's efforts were thwarted by Marvel's new Twilight saga.

In Jed MacKay, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Patch Zircher, and Salvador Larroca's second annual Timeless one-shot, Kang comes face-to-face with Myrddin, a mysterious new antagonist who also follows "The Missing Hour". After a series of harrowing events where Kang came to the same conclusion that only heroes can find that moment, Myrdin created an entire team called the Court of Twilight, advanced counterparts inspired by the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table Inspire the table.

Marvel's New Twilight Court Was Created To Kill Kang

After facing every member of the Twilight Court and traveling through time and space (including a tease of what's to come in 2023), Kang wins his battle against Arthur's greatest champion, Parsifal. This forced Myrddin to get his hands dirty and Stabbing Kang in the back, the blow threatened to kill Conqueror as he was already worn down by the rest of the Twilight Court. However, Kang used the last bit of his tech to teleport himself to zero time, making a final plan in case he actually died of his wounds.

At the end of the issue, Myrddin jokes that his quest for "The Missing Moment" will continue, as he seems to have removed Kang from the equation. Likewise, he also hinted that Conqueror would be very surprised if Kang knew who he was actually dealing with. Could Myrddin be a variation of Kang himself, similar to Immortus or Rama-Tut?

Looking for his own hero to get the "missing moment", apparently the battle between Kang the Conqueror and Myrdin is far from over. It's even possible that Kang could recruit a new version of the Avengers, though time will tell as Marvel enters the new year. Timeless (2022) #1 is out now from Marvel Comics.

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