LPBW: Why Audrey Sends Kids to Schools Where Teachers Don't Have Degrees

Little People, Big World viewers weren't surprised that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff were interested in sending their kids to a problematic school.

Small People, Big World viewers were enraged when they learned that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff wanted to send their kids to a school that didn't require teachers to earn proper degrees. Thanks to her social media posts, Audrey always comes across as too free-spirited when it comes to parenting. With three children, viewers worried that Jeremy and Audrey's children would miss important information.

Audrey and Jeremy's humble bragging posts have been questioned for years. Audrey has often spoken about using raw milk, which is notoriously extremely dangerous. The mother of three is also an anti-vaccine and loves trying natural remedies to heal her children. Despite this thought, many Little People, Big World fans feel that both parents have done their children a huge injustice.

LPBW Fans Fear For Audrey & Jeremy's Kids

Audrey recently shared on her Instagram Story what she and her husband are doing with their children's education. While both Audrey and Jeremy were traditionally educated and attended private schools, Audrey seemed to want her children to have a different experience. While posting, Audrey revealed to her followers that she is considering enrolling her children at Heart Christian Academy, located near their new Oregon farmhouse. Their website explains that they are a hybrid center offering homeschooling and schooling options.

LPBW Fans Give Their Opinions About Audrey's Idea

Little People, Big World fans were a bit surprised by the possible decision, as both Jeremy and Audrey attended accredited schools and even went on to study at university. Viewers raged at u/Ok-Application-8536 on Reddit, writing that Audrey and Jeremy were "insane" at these "extreme" operations. Children attending the school do not need to be vaccinated or show medical records, according to the school's website. The website also shares that the program offers two days of on-campus study per week, noting that "no current teaching credentials are required."

Classes are led by a tutor who has the ability to control a group of children. Little People, Big World fans think the school is a mistake for any kid, and the lack of degrees for educators is disturbing. Audrey and Jeremy are no strangers to backlash, especially when it comes to their three children. Recently, viewers pointed out that the couple has been They decided to take a workday off to cut down the Christmas tree.

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