Love Island UK presenter Maya Jama nervous about her slow-motion entrance walk

Maya Jama, the UK's Love Island season 9 presenter, admits she was nervous about doing the slow-motion entrance walk when she started filming the series.

Maya Jama, the new host of UK's Love Island season 9, was nervous about filming her slow-motion entrance at the villa. Maya is the new host of the reality dating series after former host Laura Whitmore quit the show. Love Island is filming this season at a villa in South Africa, and while the cast has yet to be announced, fans have had mixed reactions to the rumored cast. Some are excited about some potential casting mates, while others wish the show stopped casting so many influencers. Fans are also concerned that Season 9 of Love Island won't be as exciting as the previous one.

However, Maya was nervous for different reasons. The Love Island host was a guest on the This Morning show, where she spoke with the host about her new venture. Hosts Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond asked Maya if she had picked out her outfits for her hosting gig, and Maya admitted she hadn't, and was pretty nervous going in. "The biggest stress is the slow motion of getting in the door, it's so stressful," Maya said. The host said to consider what to wear, because it needs to look good in the wind. Alison admits she didn't know that the entrance wasn't actually filmed in slow motion, but at normal speed and then slowed down while editing, something Dermot can't believe she just found out.

Maya Jama Is Also Excited For Love Island Season 9

The Love Island host said that while she was glad she didn't have to actually walk in slow motion, she was still nervous about walking because she knew someone was filming her every move. Aside from her entrance walk, Maya is excited to be part of the series. This season, Love Island contestants won't be able to let anyone take over their social media accounts when they leave the villa. Instead, their profiles will remain dormant. This is to protect the mental health of the contestants, as fans sometimes have bad words for them. It will also level the playing field, as social media can sway fans toward certain Islanders. For Love Island season 9, they can only vote based on what they see on the show.

It should be fine for Maya to film the entrance to her Love Island villa. Stars are used to the spotlight, and it is much easier to walk in front of the camera More than she thought. Plus, the camera crew will likely have her film her entrance over and over again until she gets it right. After all, Love Island is all about looking good in the villa. However, there are other concerns she may have that were left unmentioned. Fans tend to be picky whenever a show has a new host. Just ask Tyra Banks about her previous seasons of Dancing with the Stars.

Hope Love Island fans welcome Maya with open arms, and if they have adverse opinions, they respect it or keep it to themselves. For Season 4 of Love Island, USA, Sarah Hyland is the new host and has had mostly positive fan feedback. Hope Maya has the same experience. While she waits for the new season to start filming, she can practice her strut a few more times and hope it wins enough Love Island fans to bring her back for season 10. ^More: Why Love Island UK fans are worried about Andrew Le Page ^Love Island season 9 premieres on ITV2 and ITVX on Monday 16 January.

Source: This Morning/YouTube

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