Logan Lerman Interview: The Hunter Season 2

Hunters star Logan Lerman teased Jonah's new relationship in Hunters season 2 and how killing wolves brings darkness to his character.

Nearly three years after it first premiered on Prime Video, The Hunter is finally back for one last Nazi hunting adventure. The first season introduced Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman), who discovers a group of Nazi hunters after his grandmother is murdered. Jonah joins their mission and forms a bond with leader and Holocaust survivor Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino), eventually learning that Meyer is his grandfather. However, in the finale, Jonah discovers that Meyer has been lying to everyone and that he is actually Wilhelm Zuchs, aka Wolf, the Nazi scientist who tortured his grandparents in concentration camps during World War II.

When Jonah learns the truth about Meyer, he kills Meyer to avenge his grandparents and retake the hunt. The final season of The Hunters will explore the aftermath of Wolf's lie and how Jonah is dealing with his trauma. Shockingly, the truth about Meyer's identity wasn't the Hunters' most surprising twist in the season 1 finale. Adolf Hitler was found alive and in hiding, which would eventually lead the Hunters to hunt down the Nazi leader in their final season, their most dangerous mission yet.

Screen Rant spoke with Logan Lerman about Jonah's journey in the final season of Hunters. Lerman teased Jonah's transition between seasons, revealing that he's found love and is almost ready to leave his Nazi-hunting life behind. Lerman also analyzed how killing the wolf in the season 1 finale hurt Jonah.

Logan Lerman on Hunters Season 2

Screen Rant: At the start of the season, the Hunter is in pieces. We pick your character in a very different place than the ending. Can you tell me how Jonah has changed?

Logan Lerman: Jonah has changed a lot from season one to season two. And I was so excited about it, because season two is just so much more. He's more complicated, he's more complex, he gets so many more layers, but where we find him at the beginning of this is he's almost moved on. He's almost moved on from the life of being a Nazi hunter. And he's found love, and he's in school, and he just has to take care of a few things, and he thinks it's over for him. Then he gets sucked back in to one last mission, or what he thinks is one last mission. I just think the complexities of that, of balancing those two things, the burden of the responsibility on his shoulders, it was just really interesting for me as an actor.

Speaking of love, Jonah does have a love interest this season, played by Emily Rudd. How does Clara complicate things for Jonah?

Logan Lerman: It complicates things because he's lying about the truth of who he is, and he's leading two different lives at once. And so it makes it very complicated for him. It makes it really tough. By the way, she's such a good actor and working with her, on a side tangent, she's brilliant in the show.

You guys have great chemistry. Can you talk about killing the wolf and how that affected Jonah and taking over the hunt, did Jonah lose his light?

Logan Lerman: Yes, I think he has lost it, or maybe most of it. But he's definitely scarred and affected by his experiences and he can't go back from there. He's just living with the trauma and moving forward, but also he knows that he's the only one who can really do this or continue the mission.

I love the pace and action of this season. Every step I took I was on the edge of my seat. Can you talk about working with David and bringing this season to life in that way?

Logan Lerman: Look, most important for me is this is an action show, and it's fun, and I hope people are having a good time and enjoying that pacing, because so much of it plays off of tropes from my other action films that I love so much. There's that element of reassembling the team and going back for one last mission that is just so fucking cool. But working with David, it's a dream. He's such a great writer and a good friend of mine, and I just really enjoy the process and the process of collaborating with him and realizing this story. It's been great working off of his material. It's been really, really great for me.

About Hunters Season 2

A group of Nazi hunters track down and bring justice to those who fled after World War II. After their leader's betrayal, The Hunters are revealed to be a Nazi in hiding and are on a final mission to eliminate their most dangerous target yet, Adolf Hitler.

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