Local officials reveal real cause of Jeremy Renner accident

As new details emerge about actor Jeremy Renner's New Year's Day crash, a local official explains what happened behind it.

The mayor of Reno, Nevada clarified the real cause of Jeremy Renner's accident. Known for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Renner recently starred in his own Disney+ series and will reprise his role as Mike Mayor in Kingston Mayor Season 2, which premieres Jan. 15. McCluskey. The two-time Academy Award nominee and Screen Actors Guild Award winner was in critical condition when he was involved in a serious snowplow accident on Jan. 1. His leg, Reyna remains in a stable but critical condition. In an interview with the Reno Gazette Journal afterward, Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve clarified some details of what happened to Renner and how he did his best before he was injured. Do your best to be a good citizen. See the Mayor's words below:

Renner's family has provided an upbeat update since the accident. The family thanked first responders and the medical team who came to help Renner before describing the injury Renner suffered as a 'blunt chest' Trauma and orthopedic injuries” after his Snowcat plow ran over his leg, causing severe blood loss. Renner was then airlifted to hospital after neighbors helped with a tourniquet on his leg. A day after the accident was announced, Renner underwent two surgeries and He has since been in ICU while he continues to recover. While there haven't been any updates on the prognosis or his general status yet, the fact that Reyna is stable after initial reports is a good sign. ^The event was only more depressing Interestingly, he was trying to help a stranded motorist surrounded by three feet of snow, which caused the city to close the mountain pass. It’s not surprising that Renner went out of his way to help people, given his track record. Last year, for example, news Allegedly, Reiner learned American Sign Language to welcome his Hawkeye star Alaqua Cox. However, it did add another layer of tragedy to the accident. And as of this writing, the Eno Sheriff's Office has yet to issue a statement to the stranded motorist Commenting, the mayor has made clear Renner's actions.

“He was helping someone stranded in the snow. He is always helping others.”

Everything Revealed About Jeremy Renner's Accident So Far

There are reports that the incident should not have happened, as it is claimed that Reiner's snowplow should have had a safety mechanism to prevent the serious injury Reiner is currently suffering. Rainer often describes the snowfall near his home on social media and generally describes snow as a positive part of living in Nevada, which only makes the accident more tragic. James Gunn and the rest of Marvel's creatives wish Renner a speedy recovery, but the actor has a long way to go before returning to something close to normal.

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Source: Reno Gazette Journal

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