Line up for "one of the most advanced electric motorcycles ever built"

Finland-based startup Verge has opened pre-orders in the US after showing off the TS Ultra bike at CES 2023. The bike starts at $44,900.

Finland-based electric motorcycle startup Verge has opened pre-orders in the US after showing off its high-performance TS Ultra bike at CES 2023. Electric motorcycles are slowly becoming mainstream as the world begins to prioritize the production and adoption of electric vehicles. Just as electric cars are considered good for the climate, electric motorcycles promise to reduce carbon emissions. Despite being a start-up, The Verge has attracted considerable attention, mostly for its participation in performance-hungry models with ultra-modern designs.

In a press release, The Verge claims to have built one of the most advanced electric motorcycles on the market today. The startup showed off an updated version of the TS called the "TS Ultra" at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Additionally, interested buyers in the U.S. can now pre-order the e-bikes, though The Verge says availability will be limited to select states. Sales and deliveries should begin by the end of 2023. According to the supplied specs, the TS Ultra has a maximum output of 201 hp, a top speed of 124 mph, and 882 lb-ft of torque. Although the TS Ultra starts at $44,900, interested parties can reserve one for $1,000.

What To Expect From The TS Ultra

TS Ultra was built on TS' product, Verge's existing model. Although one could mistake the two bikes for the same bike due to the similarity in design, the Ultra makes more power than the TS (107 hp). The Ultra's acceleration record surpasses that of the Verge's other offerings, as the bike can go from zero to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Buyers can get up to 233 miles of electric riding range, though certain driving behaviors, like speeding, may affect it. Regenerative braking can be used, allowing owners to make the most of the available range.

Luckily, Verge equipped the TS Ultra with fast charging. Manufacturers quote 25 minutes as the time it takes to recharge a bike's battery. While this is an important addition to the TS Ultra's capabilities, it's worth mentioning that DC fast charge times are typically based on 10% to 80% charge. According to the manufacturer's measurements, the bike has a seat height of 31 inches, a wheelbase of 61 inches, a length of 86.5 inches, and a weight of 540 pounds. Prospective buyers should note that the TS Ultra is for one rider only. ^The e-bike will feature an 8" infotainment screen with navigation. The display will also provide riders with useful information such as battery and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, riders can use the screen to access real-time data about their bikes. The Verge's latest bike will support over-the-air software updates, which will continually improve the capabilities of the infotainment system.

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Source: The Verge

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