Key role: Exandria-based one-shots, ranked

Even at the end of the main campaign, there's still a rich tapestry of Exandria to explore, with some excellent story-focused one-shots to guide you through.

Critical Role's Exandria continues to evolve, with shocking new revelations about its red moon, Rudius, and every member of the Bells Hells' connection to it in Campaign 3. While each new shard of information adds to the already rich tapestry of world lore, it's only since Tolkien sat down to write The Lord of the Rings that Exandria is one of the most engaged fantasy worlds.

While season two of The Legend of Vox Machina will continue to adapt the campaign from season one and showcase the land of Tadorei, there is plenty of one-off footage in Exandria for fans to explore. Many of these one-off shots were set after the campaign, while others were used as filler. Either way, these one-off shots are a must-see for any fan of the franchise to further expand their knowledge of key characters.

11/11 Honorable Mention: Honey Heist series

Technically, the three-part Honey Heist saga and the rest of the Critical Role are not canon. But if fans are looking for something lighthearted and fun with a silly hat on, this is definitely worth a mention. The first two parts follow Trinket (Matt Mercer) as he assembles a gang of stealing bears (and a honey badger) to steal some delicious treats Enjoy dear. The third installment focuses on Tova the bear (ND Stevenson) and a group of unrelated bears on their own Ocean's Eight heist.

All three tables by Marisha Ray GM, using the one-page Honey Heist system created by Grant Howitt and making a hilarious send of the classic heist story about a bear wearing a very stupid hat. With every PC really leaning towards their bear's over-the-top duo-crafted characters, this is definitely an AU in Exandria worth exploring for critters.

10/11 The Search For Bob

"The Search For Bob", a sequel to the single-shot "The Search For Grog", follows the heroes known as the Vox Machina across the plains of Pandemonium in search of a Githyanki known as Bob, who stole their spell components to be able to go home.

While a good one, the main problem with "Finding Bob" comes down to the lack of a solid narrative in the story. After the tense mission of "Finding the Spirits" that ends with one of the most damaging battles in history for any key character, the low-key sequel feels a bit convoluted and boring by comparison. Some The jokes go on a little too long, and lack the sense of urgency that doesn't come until the last moment.

9/11 A Familiar Problem: Sprinkle's Incredible Journey

Using a system created by Marisha Ray and designed by Honey Heist architect Grant Howitt, this shot follows Mighty Nein punching bag Sprinkle the Crimson Weasel, who is separated from owner Jester, with other familiars trying to (?) get back beside her. What follows is one of the funniest one-off shots in a key role, as the group of wayward acquaintances (joined by excellent guests Heidi N. Link goes home.

While "Sprinkle's Incredible Journey" is one of the funniest one-shots in the series, sometimes some of the jokes drag a bit, and by the end, the audience is left unsure if Sprinkle cares about Jester. This uncertainty is sure to throw some damper on the ending.


7/11 Song Of The Lorelei

In this horror film starring Liam O'Brien, the mysterious Lorelei siblings return home to find most of the family dead and their father missing. And the family secret must be unraveled as soon as possible, if they will get out of this live. Plus, they're werewolves too.

A mix of gothic horror, great guest stars (TJ Storm and Erica Luttrell), and a fast-paced story, "Song of the Lorelei" is a treat for those who want to venture into Exandria without hearing a single sound. A spooky fun-shot connected to a main event.

6/11 The Darrington Brigade

"The Darrington Brigade" One Shot follows the non-profit adventure group founded by former Vox Machina member Taryon Darrington. A level 15 hero leads an eclectic group of level 10 brigade members who must battle the mysterious Quackthulu in order to complete their mission and donate money to charity.

"The Darrington Brigade" was such a memorable one-off in fandom that dedicated Critters hoped to see a sequel someday. While it's a simple one-off shot after the formation of the brigade's newest members and their first adventure, the story is solid and moves forward at a brisk pace. Every member of the key character cast brings their A game to the irreverently goofy one-off shots that are sure to make fans old and new laugh out loud.

5/11 The Search For Grog

"The Search For Grog" occurs After the Vox Machina's battle with Vecna, Grog takes the Void card from the Many Things Deck and sends his soul to places unknown. Members of the Vox Machina unite once again to find their savage's soul and save him, while mourning the loss of party member Vax'ildan.

With Liam O'Brien and Travis Willingham joining the party as PCs Liev'tel and Bertrand Bell, for fans of the first campaign, going solo is indeed a treat. It's also a real treat to see the actors coming into campaign 2 at this point in their first campaign roles, especially when everyone starts toasting on Willingham as they decide to pull some from the deck of many things thing. While not a character known for his intelligence, Grogg did promise not to draw any cards from the deck. Combine that with one of the best one-shot fights and the highest single-turn damage deal of any campaign, and "The Search For Grog" is one of the best one-shot games on this list.

4/11 The Mighty Nein Reunited

The Mighty Nein's first correct post-campaign one-shot is technically a double-shot, but it Forgivable, because "Mighty Nein Reunited" is pretty good. Months after the battle, the group regroups to stop the rise of the demigod U'kotoa.

It's not just the double shot combo that makes the second campaign so successful: the 17th-level character's amalgamation of tension, levity, and moments of sheer greatness. It also allows for an examination of how the characters fare after the second campaign, from Beau and Yasha's home life to Fjord, Jester and Kingsley's adventures on the high seas. With the real threat of U'kotoa driving the narrative action, this is a great start for any future sequels. A single-handedly second campaign full of truly amazing key character episodes.

3/11 Dalen's Closet

"Dalen's Closet" takes place a year after "The Search For Grog" and "The Search for Bob", with Vox Machina members Percy de Rolo and Vex'ahlia renewing their vows. Unfortunately, the joyous celebration turns disastrous when Vox Machina's longtime enemy, Sylas Briarwood, attacks his wife Delilah.

One shot is just the perfect balance between the two Sweet and tender moments, and some real nail-biting action. "Dalen's Closet" really revisits the characters from campaign one when their emotional scars weren't so fresh, allowing for some beautiful moments of healing and reflection. Plus, the single-handed ending is one of the most beautiful and uplifting in the history of the key character, making it truly memorable for fans of the series.



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