Keep your bed at the perfect temperature all night with this smart comforter

At CES 2023, Variowell Development will present a heated mattress that can be connected to your Apple Watch to regulate its temperature.

German start-up Variowell Development launched a smart mattress that can change the temperature at CES 2023 to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. Founded in 2008, Variowell Development is dedicated to sleep technology and is committed to creating products that improve the quality of sleep for users. In 2022, company founder and CEO Tobias Kirchhoff received a Technology Leadership Award from the Consumer Technology Association of America.

This year, Variowell Development will be showcasing its latest product, the Pepaminto Topper, at CES, booth 8417. Smart mattress toppers claim to offer a personalized solution for each individual, as everyone's heat reception is different and their body temperature constantly changes during the night. Variowell hopes to solve this problem by connecting to the user's smartwatch and using its data to provide a good sleep experience. However, it's odd that the Pepaminto Topper is built specifically for Apple Watch users, since the latest Android smartwatches can run third-party apps just fine.

You Need An Apple Watch To Use The Pepaminto Smart Topper

Pepaminto Topper No need to buy an expensive heated mattress. Instead, users can get a smart comforter and place it on a bed they already have at home. Comfortable material on top hat An electronic graphite band on top controls heat dissipation to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Users can change the temperature of the top hat using an app on the Apple Watch, and it can be powered with any standard USB-C charger. Additionally, the top hat can detect when a person is sleeping.

While Pepaminto's website has more images of the Apple Watch than the product itself, it suggests that users need to download the Pepaminto app on their smartwatch, which will sync the watch with the mattress. The app then asks the user how they prefer to sleep and adjusts the comforter's temperature based on that information. Variowell Development says the app was developed specifically for the Apple Watch because it provides the "ideal database" for toppers. However, the Pepaminto app measures the user's ideal mattress temperature by analyzing heart rate data, rather than the built-in temperature sensor of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra.

Variowell Development will showcase the CES Innovation Award winner Pepaminto Topper in Las Vegas, January 5-January 8, 2023, and will be available for sale later this summer. interested customers One can head to the official website of the smart mattress and fill in the details in the 'Get in touch' section to receive further updates on pricing and product availability.

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