Interview with Tiffany Boone and Louis Ozawa: The Hunter Season 2

Tiffany Boone and Louis Ozawa analyze how their characters have changed between seasons and how The Hunter continues to draw inspiration from historical events.

The Hunters follows an eclectic group of Nazi hunters, including Holocaust survivors, a Vietnam Veteran, and a spy-turned-nun. The Hunter introduced Roxy and Joe in season one as two members of a Nazi hunting party, who are not themselves Jewish. Roxy and Joe develop a strong bond in the first season, but in the finale Joe is taken by the Nazi regime and discovers a terrible truth along the way.

The Hunter drew inspiration from true historical events in the first season, including the covert Operation Paperclip, and will continue to do so in the final season. However, the Hunters will take a major step away from reality with the shocking discovery that Adolf Hitler is alive and in hiding, and season two will delve deeper into each Hunter's history and How they joined the team.

Screen Rant spoke with Tiffany Boone and Louis Ozawa about the changes that Roxy and Joe have undergone as they enter the final season of Hunters. Boone poked fun at the tension between Lexie and Lonnie in the new season. Ozawa talks about Joe's origins and how they are connected to the Japanese internment camps.

Tiffany Boone & Louis Ozawa On Hunters Season 2

Screen Rant: We are in Very different from where it was in the final. Roxy is back in the game, but I think Joe has had the biggest personality change of anyone this season. Can you talk to me about how your character has changed from season one to season two?

Tiffany Boone: Yeah. First season, I think Roxy had a lot of heaviness to her. She joined the Hunters really for money. So she was impoverished. She had this child to take care of. She was an activist that wasn't even able to be an activist in the way she wanted to. She felt kind of weird in this group, and that's why she had this connection with Joe. And then you see her in second season, she picks up as a rich woman who's been living this kind of ultimate scammer life and been able to escape poverty and escape the racism of America and raise her child in this wonderful world. And so although she misses Joe, she's created a great life for herself and gets pulled back into this darkness. And she's trying to, I think, wrestle with how much of herself to give in the second season.

Where's Joe? Because the season 1 finale blew my mind.

Louis Ozawa: Well, it was a nice surprise to see Joe pop up again. You think he's dead and there he is two years later. And it speaks to the kind of power of indoctrination, and propaganda, and brainwashing and how sometimes Joe has found a kind of weird simplicity in his life that kind of takes him away from the tortured existence he had in season one. And that's kind of a weird metaphor for the world we're living in right now. It's like life could be so much easier, and this is how these monsters truly come out, but there's no questioning of the authority and this is where Joe is right now. And you could see the real monster that he is underneath.

Tiffany, there's been some tension between Lonny and Roxy this season. Can you talk about their dynamic?

Tiffany Boone: In the time where the Hunters were still hunting in Europe before they disbanded and got back together, clearly they had a little romance. They're in Europe, they're together all the time. Her real true connection of Joe is gone, so Lonnie has his chance to sink his teeth in, but by the time we see them again, she's not interested. And so throughout the season you just see it really weighing on Lonny, his love for her and her trying to balance, keeping her boundaries, but also being a friend to him. It's a hard dynamic.

Louis, this season we delved into Joe's past, and I found it really interesting to include the internment camps. Can you talk about the elements added to Joe's Origins?

Louis Ozawa: Yeah, this was something David and I talked early on about, generationally because he was a Vietnam veteran in '75. And then we had talked about kind of the 442nd, the infantry regimen during the camps. And that was important to me and to David that Joe comes from a military background, he's a patriot, he believes in the United States despite all that he's gone through. And then he goes to Vietnam and his life is torn apart. He's been sent with troops that are discriminating against him. And yet at the same time, he has to kill people that look exactly like him, and what are the repercussions of that? And I think that's what you see in a lot of season one. And then you see it in the flashbacks with Meyer in season two.

About Hunters Season 2

A group of Nazi hunters track down and bring justice to those who fled after World War II. After their leader was revealed to be a Nazi and betrayed while going into hiding, the Hunters are on a final mission to eliminate their most dangerous target yet, Adolf Hitler.

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