'I accidentally made a thirst trap': TikTok trend explained

A TikTok creator accidentally started a thirst trap meme. Everything you need to know about the "I accidentally made a thirst trap" trend.

The For You page on TikTok has recently been filled with "accidental" thirst-trap videos that may not be as accidental as they seem. Most people are familiar with the term "thirst trap," but for those who aren't, it's a photo or video created to tantalize an audience. These videos are often intentional, but that's not always the case.

"Thirst Trap" memes are common on TikTok, but this one packs a punch. Imagine a creator minding her career in public, trying to get the best shot. Then all of a sudden, another person just happens to walk across the shot. In any other situation, it would be annoying, but in this case, combined with some special cuts and dramatic music, the creators have created something to be desired. “Uncle Greg” became FYP legend after user Hannah posted a CapCut clip on TikTok capturing video of “someone’s dad” walking past them. Like most viral posts online, the video sparked a meme in which users set their own "unexpected" thirst traps.

How To ‘Accidentally’ Make A Thirst Trap

This meme requires a participant. It’s best to shoot the shot in a public place so it doesn’t look like a staged shot. Of course, users can Get creative with setting choices. And, use your phone's camera settings instead of TikTok's. Put your phone on a tripod or hire a photographer to capture the footage. When the recording starts, the main subject will be photographed in the distance. Film for five seconds and have the participant walk past the camera. Video length should be eight seconds.

After filming, go to TikTok and find the video with the meme. Select the "CapCut | Try This Template" button. Follow the prompts to import the video and select "Add Sound in TikTok". Use the DJ L Beats sound "Where Have You Been x The Hills". In the post edit menu, add the title "Want Try this template, but accidentally made a thirst trap..." and go on to describe the participant. If the participant does something interesting and unique while passing, such as Kane Ratan's video, He's the "Waffle Man". Never Meant To Break Your Heart trend, so jump in while the hype is still hot. No Someone willing to collaborate? Try TikTok's Double Effect challenge.

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Sources: eclecticchair/TikTok, kaneratan/TikTok

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